Is Dove Cameron Lesbian, Bi, or Queer? What’s Her Actual Sexuality?

Dove Cameron made the childhood of 2000s kids memorable by acting in popular Disney shows. The most famous shows are ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, Powerpuff, Liv & Maddie, Shameless, etc. These days many celebrities are coming out of the closet, and Dove is one of them. 

Dove Cameron with her lesbian dating partner Veronica St Clair.
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Although it took her time to share the truth, she knew that her sexual label was not heterosexual. We know you can’t believe such news all of a sudden.

Hence, we came up with evidence and her statements where she has revealed her sexuality. So, let’s learn if Dove Cameron is gay and what’s her actual sexuality. 

Dove Cameron Shared Her True Sexuality With the Gay Times

It’s been a while since she knew she was not straight, but the actress had to act that way. Dove used to think she would have to face controversies if she told the world about her true identity. This was the only reason why she kept herself hidden behind the closet. However, she couldn’t stand to live with a fake identity. 

Hence Dove Cameron finally decided to come out in 2021 and admitted herself as a queer. She told the Gay Times, “I wouldn’t be accepted, and I had this strange narrative that people wouldn’t believe me. I’ve hinted about my sexuality for years while being afraid to spell it out for everybody.” 

She added, “Guys, I really needed to explain something to you. Maybe I haven’t said it, but I’m super queer. I was really nervous to come out, and one day, I dropped it because I was behaving like somebody who was out, and I realized I wasn’t.” 

Her statements were crystal clear about her sexual orientation. Although she dated several men in the past in order to make everyone think she was straight.

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Till 2019 we knew she dated boys, but after her coming out, we are not quite sure if the Disney actress is dating a same-s*x or not. Well, the exciting news is that she came out and does not whether she is in a relationship. 

Dove Cameron Said she is Super Queer 

You can call her either bisexual or queer since she likes both men and women. Once he only used to date men but now she is more into women. After coming out she believed everyone knew she is queer but it surprised her that many fans had no idea about her sexuality. 

Now almost every follower knows this fact after her song “Boyfriend” is released. In that song, she was telling a girl that she could be a better boyfriend than the man that girl was in love with. Here’s some part of the lyrics,

I could be a better boyfriend than him

I could do the shit that he never did

Up all night, I won’t quit

Thinking I’m gonna steal you from him

I could be such a gentleman

Plus all my clothes would fit

The song has become a favorite of lesbian and bisexual people. The singer even promoted this song on her Twitter account.

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Final Words

You can call Dove either bisexual or queer since a bi person falls under the criteria of a queer. Every sexuality people except straight people are called queer.

Hence, we can say Dove Cameron’s sexuality is bisexual or queer. She officially came out, so don’t go trusting tabloids that tell Dove is not gay.


Did Cameron Boyce date Dove Cameron? 

When Cameron Boyce was alive, his name got involved with a few women that he worked with. Dove Cameron is one of them. But neither Dove nor Boyce ever confirmed the relationship news. 

Why is she called Dove Cameron? 

Dove was not the real Disney superstar. But she added this name to inspire herself after the actress’s biological father did suicide. It was the nickname of his dad. 

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