Is Amber Heard Gay or Bi? Who’s Her Girlfriend and Did She Come Out?

Recently Amber Heard was trolled a lot for accusing the famous star and her husband, Johnny Depp, of false accusations. She sued him but later lost the case. This issue became so huge that almost everyone forgot that she also came out as bisexual. 

Amber Heard with her gay girlfriend Bianca Butti.
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Her breaking up with Johnny Depp could be her sexuality and the present girlfriend. Whatever it is today, we will discuss it all with you. So, let’s disclose, “is Amber Heard lesbian or not? And her sexuality and dating life.

Amber Heard Came Out As Bisexual!

So, is Amber heard as lesbian, or bisexual? Amber Heard’s sexuality is bi. Heard not only shared her actual sexuality in 2010 for the first time but also told the media about the challenging moment when she came out to her religious parents. 

When she explained the story, it seemed like she was trying her best to hold her tears. She said, “My dad is ‘out of central casting.’ Big barrel hat, handlebar mustache, loves his guns, good southern man and I was always raised in a religious home.” 

Amber Heard Called Herself Lesbian and Has a Lesbian Girlfriend

The celebrity of Aquaman described herself as lesbian, feminist, outspoken, atheist, and vegetarian. She has been bisexual for a long time. In 2008 she dated a lady who was a photographer.

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Amber Heard’s lesbian girlfriend’s name is Tysa Van Ree. A Twitter user and follower of Heard has shared Tysa and her photo on his account. They took the picture when they were couples.

Then she dated several men, including Johnny Depp and Elon Musk. There are even rumors going that Elon is the father of Amber Heard’s daughter

Her final and severe affair was with a woman. She is Bianca Butti. The duo used to go out together publicly, and that’s how they were snapped. 

But after a few months, they ended everything between them because of staying far away from one another. According to many reports, Butti was in Los Angeles busy working, and Amber was in the UK shooting Aquaman 2

Final Words

It’s pretty rare to see stars coming out as bisexual after living with men for longer. But Amber didn’t have a choice.

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Since she belongs to a religious family, she had to hide her true sexuality. Sexual orientation is genuinely something that can surprise one person and shock everyone else.


Does Amber Heard have kids? 

Yes, Amber Heard is the mother of a daughter. Her daughter’s name is Oonagh Paige Heard. Ambert welcomed her on 8th April 2021. 

Is Elon Musk the father of Amber’s baby? 

Elon Musk could be the father of Onnagh Paige since the last relationship Amber was with Elon before the baby came. However, she is the surrogate mother. Hence some think while she and Elon were dating, there is a possibility that Musk provided the sperm. 

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