Look at Elizabeth Gillies’ Sexuality| Is She Gay or Bi?

Are you a new or an old fan of Elizabeth Gillies? Whether you have known her for years or a few days, you must have considered whether Elizabeth Gillies is bisexual or gay. All these years, she did many things that only puzzled her fans about her sexuality. 

Elizabeth Gillies with her husband Michael Corcoran. her married life proves that she's nothing but straight.
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We were lucky to solve the puzzle and discover Gillies’s natural sexuality. So read this entire article thoroughly because you’ll get through all the confusing parts to understand and then find your answer. So without waiting anymore, let’s begin. 

Elizabeth Gillies Admitted to Having a Lesbian Inside of Her 

Fans of Elizabeth Gillies have doubted her sexual orientation since 2009. We will discuss it later but first, let us talk about how she admitted to having a lesbian inside her. She was questioned about it after kissing in a series and then kissing Ariana. 

The host asked Elizabeth indirectly, “Do you like channeling that side of you?” Gillies immediately answered, “What, the lesbian side of me? You know there’s a lesbian side of me.” The host replied, “Oh Yeah, I know it exists. Somebody tagged me the other day with a photo of you and Ariana kissing.” Gillies said, “Yeah.”

Many of the “Dynasty” actress’s supporters thought she came out as a lesbian. However, she didn’t. The singer and actress only said she has a lesbian side because she loves hugging and giving them quick kisses. Besides, she kissed a female co-star in a series named, “Sex & Love & Rock & Roll.” 

So she, too, thinks there is a gay personality inside of her, but she isn’t homosexual. The actress has the chance of coming out, yet she doesn’t. It clarifies she isn’t gay. 

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Elizabeth Gillies Has Been Showing Support to LGBTQ People Since 2009 

The talented actress has shown unconditional love and support to the LGBT community since 2009. She even joined gay parades and shared her experience on Twitter.

On 30th June 2009, the actress of “Victorious” tweeted “Gay pride parade was INSANE yesterday!! So so fun!! Nice chill day with my girls today. Much needed reunion 🙂 Let the summer begin!”

This post created scope for many to think she is also an LGBT member and has feelings for girls. Confusions regarding Gillies’s sexual label lasted for years but began to fade away after she married her husband Micheal Corcoran in 2020. Later in 2021, Elizabeth’s supporters doubted her sexual orientation once again when they saw her wishing queer people. 

On 7th June 2021, she wrote on her official Twitter, “HAPPY PRIDE!! 🌈 ❤️✨” this made LGBT supporters happy, but anti-LGBT thought she was also homosexual or bisexual.

It’s true; the “Vacation” actress takes close pictures with her female friends and supports the gay community. However, she didn’t confirm herself as homosexual or bisexual. So without her coming out, Elizabeth Gillies is considered straight. 

Elizabeth Gillies is Happily Married to Michael Corcoran 

Michael Corcoran is a composer and producer. He and Elizabeth Liz Gillies had a 6 year-long affair before tying the knot. In an interview, Gillies admitted to having a crush on him for a long time.

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But it took some time off Corcoran to fall for her too. They, too, are now a strong couple. In September 2020 they got married. Fans are now hoping to see a beautiful child of Elizabeth and Michael. 

Final Words 

Elizabeth Gillies is constantly conscious of the people of the LGBT community. She has a soft corner in her heart for them. The singer not only joined their pride parade but has also wished them in pride month for years. 

People consider Elizabeth Gillies’s sexuality as bisexual or gay for various reasons. But we have seen she is straight, and her kisses to her female friends are short and friendly.

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