Is Ezra Miller Gay or Queer? Who’s His Dating Partner?

Ezra Miller is one of the greatest actors of the 21st century. The actor played various roles in different movies.

What's Ezra Miller's sexuality? Is he gay, bi, queer, or straight?
Rosé Park and Ezra Miller by Vogue Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Quickly the American actor became world famous, and his supporters started to get curious to learn about Ezra Miller’s sexuality. So is the “Flash” actor gay or queer?

Ezra Miller is neither gay nor queer. They are nonbinary. Although, at first, they came out as queer but later said that they don’t even identify as human beings. To GQ magazine, Miller said they use the term “They, Them” for them. 

If Ezra Miller is not queer, why did they come out as queer in the first place? Why did Miller later identify as nonbinary? Here are the answers you are looking for regarding the superstar’s sexual orientation. 

Ezra Miller Said They are Queer and Explained What it Means: Later They Confirmed To be Nonbinary 

Ezra Miller is an open queer celebrity. Although he looks like a straight man and their lifestyle, even the love life indicates them to be heterosexual; the truth is different. They are confident of their sexuality and have explained what queer means in an interview. 

They said, “I think at this point in our world, we’ve got a really confusing idea of the way gender and sexuality work. I think we’ve created this really superfluous, sort of binary in the way we think about gender. I guess I identify as queer because I don’t identify with that. 

I think that makes us less whole as people. I don’t need to be assigned…. What it is I can do or who I can love, and I feel like we keep recycling, we keep drawing these battle lines which are completely unnecessary. 

That’s what I basically mean when I say I’m queer I’m saying that I think humans are amazing and love is an honor and opportunity and a fragile process in which there’s no room for doubt or shame or hatred.” 

Ezra Miller explained their sexuality in detail, which helped their fans understand their exual orientation and learn what a queer person is. 

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They identify as queer because they can love any human being, neglecting that person’s sexuality. According to Miller, queer means ‘no, I don’t do that.

They then said that they don’t identify themselves as even a man. In another interview, they said, “I don’t identify as a man. I don’t identify as a woman. I barely identify as a human.” 

Ezra Miller Have Shockingly Dated Women Only

Since most Ezra fans know that the star is nonbinary, many expect the actor to be in a relationship with a man at least once. However, we’ve always seen the star dating female celebrities. Their affairs were public, so we know who Miller’s girlfriends are. 

Miller’s first-ever relationship was with Esther Wald. However, the singer wasn’t famous then. Hence, there needs to be more information about the couple’s affair. Ezra’s girlfriend was 3 years older than them, and the duo ended everything in the same year. 

After pausing for 4 years, the actor of “Flash” began to date Zoë Kravitz. The duo met at the set of their movie “Beware the Gonzo.” Their relationship started in early 2010, and after a few months of dating, they called it quits. 

With Lauren Nolting, the superstar had their third affair. Ezra Miller got pretty famous by then. Lauren was a photographer. Their romance lasted for 7 months, from June 2011 to January 2012. 

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The following year in 2013, Ezra met Erin Urb, a model, and actress. Their affair began shortly after the meeting. They were an unengaged couple for a year, and in May 2014, they got engaged. 

The actor of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was 6 years younger than Urb. They were engaged for 1 year and 9 months and broke up in February 2016. 

Currently, the “Justice League” actor is single. Since the love life of Ezra Miller has always involved women, most of their fans thought them straight. But now you know that Ezra Miller is nonbinary and wants everyone to use the word “They, Them, they are” for the actor. 

Final Words

Ezra Miller has done an excellent job playing superhero characters in hit movies like Flash and Justice League. With their handsome face with unique expressions, Miller made a place in many women’s hearts. 

For years the thirst for knowing the sexuality of “City Island” actors has been seen in their fans’ minds. So is Ezra Miller gay or queer? In most interviews, they admitted themselves as queer. However, later they chose to use ‘they/ them pronouns. So Ezra Miller is nonbinary.

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