Everything About Ashley McBryde’s Sexuality| Is She Gay?

Everyone loves country music. These songs are unique, and so are their singers. Ashley McBryde, an American singer who sings country music, is often misunderstood as gay. Even her talent couldn’t save her from criticism. 

Let's see what's Ashley McBryde's sexuality. Is she gay or straight?
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But McBryde seems to be strong enough. She has dealt with controversies well. While she didn’t directly say she is straight but through a post on her social media, Ashley cleared her sexuality. So let’s discover what the pretty woman has said about her sexuality. 

Ashley McBryde Has Not Revealed Her Sexuality 

The beauty singer Ashley McBryde’s sexuality is a matter of interest to her followers. There are various questions about her sexuality. Few think her to be gay; some other few think her to be bisexual. But most people believe Ashley McBryde is straight. 

Although she kept her sexual orientation private from the media, some verified sources say Ashley once posted on her Twitter admitting she is straight. However, we couldn’t find that particular post. But another Twitter post of her hinted that she admitted to being straight. 

Ashley wrote a quote by TJ. She wrote, ‘”You don’t have to be gay to blow a guy off @losers. #tjsays”‘. It gave us a clue that she ignores men, and she is misunderstood as gay for ignoring males. So the “One Night Standards” singer said in order to avoid a guy, she doesn’t have to be homosexual. So, it’s clear Ashley McBryde is straight. 

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Ashley McBryde Is Single and Unmarried 

The singer of “Never Wanted to be That Girl” is often misunderstood as gay while being straight for two big reasons. Her singleness and unmarried life. Most of her supporters asked, “who is Ashley McBryde dating?” Every fan wants her to taste the love life. 

However, McBryde seems to have no interest at all. In the Twitter post we previously talked about, she said she had been blowing off men. Ashley’s reason for avoiding men is still unknown. 

But some fans think she might have gotten hurt in the past, which removed her feelings. But these are just assumptions. No one knows if she is dating a man behind the screen. 

The American country music singer drew her first breath on 29th July 1983. Hence she is going to get to her 40s soon. There is still time. Let’s wait to see if Ashley McBryde finally picks a guy to date openly and marry. 

Final Words

Ashley McBryde is one of the rare singers who never dated publicly or even sparked strong rumors. She always tries to stay away from men regarding having a close relationships. This behavior of her put her in trouble and created gay rumors. 

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So she cleared things through her Twitter. In a post, she shared a quote where TJ said a woman doesn’t have to be homosexual to ignore a man. It means Ashley McBryde is straight but doesn’t like men’s company unless it’s someone too close to her.

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