What’s Lil Nas X’s Sexuality? His Sexual Orientation Revealed? 

Lil Nas X used to dream of becoming a famous rapper when he was in college. After graduating from college, he began to create and share his music on various online singing platforms. He researched a lot on singing and found that country-trap mixes are popular. 

 Lil Nas Xb is openly gay. Let's know about his sexuality.
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So he purchased a beat with 30 dollars online and made his first ever super hit song Old Town Road which is also a piece of country-trap music. It brought him fame over night.

At the beginning of his career, everyone thought the singer was straight. But what’s Lil Nas X’s real sexuality? Here we have revealed his sexual orientation. 

Lil Nas X Labeled His Sexuality As Gay

Lil Nas X came out to his family members for the first time back in 2019. He shared the fact that he is gay with his father and sister. But he didn’t share with the outer world until he reached the peak of his successful career. After coming out to the media, he was interviewed several times. 

When The Guardian took his interview, the singer shared everything, including how he used to feel being gay but not letting anybody know. He told the host that it was pretty hesitant for him to act straight while he knew he was a homosexual. 

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He didn’t have the guts to come out of the closet since society does not support gay people. But after he became popular, it provided him the guts he needed and finally let the world know about his true sexuality. 

How Long Did Lil Nas X Hid His Sexuality?

He came out right after he made it to the top with his hit song ‘Old Town Road.’ However, he also said that he planned to hide this fact and die as gay, but after becoming Lil X Nas, he changed his mind. The singer told the interviewer, “I planned to die with the secret, but that changed when I became Lil X Nas.” 

Nas is an openly gay singer. He was even in a public relationship with a guy who is dancer named Yai Ariza. Before coming out, he had affairs with girls, but he did that just to hide his real sexual orientation. 

Final Words

Lil Nas X is gay, and he confirmed this through the media. His social media lifestyle and interviews are enough to prove that. Also, the singer is always seen wearing makeup. He even kissed men in front of the public in different concerts. 

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Why did Nicki break up with Nas? 

Nick Minaj and Lil Nas were couples before Nas came out as gay. The couple couldn’t keep their relationship long for having busy schedules and staying long distant places from one another. They broke up when Nas lived in LA and Minaj was in Miami. 

Who was Lil Nas X’s ex? 

A popular dancer named Yai Ariza was in a public relationship with Lil Nas X, a gay singer. But they are no longer together. According to the rapper, he ended everything with him in October 2021. 

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