Is Mac DeMarco Gay? The Truth About His Sexuality

Mac Demarco is a Canadian singer. He made a considerable place in the music industry and his fans’ hearts. With his rising fame, fans are becoming more curious to know if Mac Demarco is gay, married, or has kids. 

Mac Demarco's sexuality is straight. But still many people think he's gay.
Mac Demarco by Ralph Arvesen licensed under CC BY 2.0

These questions are commonly asked of every celebrity. Unfortunately, news about him is rare on the internet. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here.

We learned much about his private life and discovered Mac Demarco’s sexuality. So let’s jump right into the article and read. 

Mac Demarco Being Super Private Is What Led His Fans Doubt His Sexuality

Mac Demarco is too private about his life. He has kept his daily updates confidential since he stopped using social media like Twitter and Instagram. The singer even stayed tight-lipped about his sexual orientation. 

He also likes to answer less when interviewed. So it’s hard for his supporters to know if he is straight or gay. A few people think he stays away from the media and chaos because he is gay and doesn’t want the truth to come out. 

However, it’s just an imaginary thought, and there’s no proof of him dating men. Instead, Mac Demarco announced the news of being mingled years ago. 

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Mac Demarco’s Albums List 

Mac Demarco has released many albums. He is counted as one of the best singers for indie genre songs. Here’s a list of his albums. 

Mac Demarco’s Only Love is Kiera McNally 

Mac Demarco has been dating his only love of life Kiera McNally since 2013. The couple preferred to talk less about their love life. There are various stories about the pair that they do not verify. 

Their romance started in 2013. The couple is currently living together in Los Angeles. If you ever heard them expecting their first child, know it was false news with no evidence. They are neither married nor have a child. 

Since he has been openly dating a female Instagram star, it’s easily assumed that Mac Demarco’s sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Mac Demarco loves to share his thoughts through singing, but he usually doesn’t speak directly about his personal life. Recently more of his fans have been eager to know his sexual orientation. 

Demarco didn’t declare his sexuality, but his long-term romance with only girlfriend Kiera McNally suggests that Mac Demarco isn’t homosexual but heterosexual.

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