Was Gregory Peck Gay or Bi? His Sexuality Explanation

Gregory Peck was a great man and actor. While he conquered people through acting, he achieved LGBT people’s love by speaking for them. 

This great actor had raised his voice for those of different sexuality label people who didn’t get their rights for being different. Hence, Gregory Peck’s sexuality became a question. 

What was Gregory Peck's sexuality? Let's see.
Gregory Peck by Wikimedia Commons licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

Is Gregory Peck gay or bi? People were looking for answers, and some are still to this day. Here’s his sexual orientation and his speech at a GLAAD Awards show. 

Was Gregory Peck Neither Gay Nor Bisexual

Gregory Peck was not gay. He was also not bisexual. While he was alive, he made no statement about his sexuality. Hence, it’s unfair if anyone thinks of him as gay or bisexual. 

Gregory Peck’s life was monitored well by paparazzi cameras. But he successfully kept his relationship records clean. There was no record of romantic linking with guys. 

This legendary actor was considered to be a manly person. His dressing sense and lifestyle were enough to clear rumors against him. Gregory Peck was heterosexual but a strong supporter of LGBTQ. 

Gregory Peck Had to Support LGBTQ

Gregory Peck was a rare star who supported LGBT people when they were mostly not accepted by society. He attended the GLAAD Awards in 1997 and shared his opinion about anti-gay thoughts. 

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He said, “It just seems silly to me that something so right and simple has to be fought for at all.” To him being gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender is nothing wrong, and it’s silly that these people have to fight for what they are. 

Gregory Peck Supported the LGBTQ community.
Gregory Peck by 産業経済新聞社 Sankei Shinbun Co., Ltd. licensed under CC0 1.0

This speech was taken both positively and negatively. While the LGBTQ community positively took this speech, ordinary people didn’t. Some even doubted Gregory Peck’s sexuality. This one quote of him led most of his followers to misunderstand his sexual label. 

Was Gregory Peck Married? 

The answer to this question will lead you to the truth. After learning about his married life, we understood that Gregory Peck’s sexuality is straight. The actor in “Roman Holiday” was married two times in life.

It means he was attracted to the opposite sex. He has 5 biological children. So there’s no way he was homosexual. Let’s learn about his wives and kids individually. 

Greta Kukkonen

Greta Kukkonen and Gregory Peck tied the knot in 1942. Their married life lasted for 13 years. They have three children together. Jonathan Peck was their first son. Gregory and Greta welcomed him in 1942. Sadly, he died at the young age of only 32. 

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Their second child is Stephen Peck. He was born on 16th August 1946. He is now CEO and president of U.S.VETS. Carey Paul Peck is the pair’s last child. He drew his first breath on 17th June 1949. He became a great actor like his father. The couple split in 1955. 

Veronique Passani 

Veronique was “The Omen” actor’s second wife. He married Veronique after divorcing his first wife. He had an extramarital affair with Veronique for a long time. They officially became husband and wife in 1955. 

Both have become parents of two children. Their first child is a son, who is now in his 60s and works as a writer and actor. He was born on 24th October 1956. 

He is famous as Tony Peck. Veronique and Peck’s second child is a daughter. She is Cecilia Peck and is an actress, director, and producer. 

Final Words

Gregory Peck was a splendid actor. He played different roles in life but primarily had strong characters. Peck was also strong in real life and didn’t hesitate to speak his mind. 

While most people then hated gay men and women, Gregory Peck supported them and talked about their rights. But for being concerned about LGBT people, many of his fans misunderstood him as homosexual. 

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But there was no evidence. Gregory Peck was heterosexual. He had two wives and five children.


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