Is Marisha Ray Gay or Bi? What’s Her Sexuality?

How does it feel to discover a famous person is celebrating pride month? A gay person will feel not only happy but also proud. However, a strict person may start doubting the celebrity’s sexuality. 

A close look at Marisha Ray's sexuality. Let's see if she is gay, bisexual, or straight.
Marisha Ray by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Marisha Ray’s sexual orientation has also become the talk of the town after fans discovered her celebrating pride month. It’s also obvious because only a few stars openly celebrate this. 

If you got confused with Marisha Ray’s sexuality label, we’ve got your back. Here’s the source of her gay rumors and her actual sexuality. 

Marisha Ray Celebrated Pride Month: Is She Gay? 

Critical Role actress Marisha Ray always celebrates pride month. She even celebrated pride month openly in 2019. According to her, love doesn’t have to have boundaries.

Anyone can love anybody. In 2019 she shared an image of ‘Critical Role’ customized t-shirt specially made to show support towards LGBTQ. 

Marisha Ray shared the post on her timeline and wished her fans a happy pride month. She wrote, “Love is love is love is love! Can I get a HUZZAH! Happy #PrideMonth!!” 

Fans and haters both were surprised to see her wishing for pride month. So is Marisha Ray gay? Of course not. Next, we’ve elaborated on why she isn’t gay. 

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Marisha Ray Didn’t Announce Herself as Gay 

These days celebrities coming out is normal. A lot of stars have come out of the closet, like Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart, Andrew Garfield, Elton John, and more. 

So if Marisha Ray was gay, she could have easily come out and gotten along with a same-s*x person. But she didn’t declare herself as either bisexual or homosexual. Unless a star comes out of the closet, we have to wait before doubting their sexual orientation. 

Like many other heterosexual film and music industry icons, the ‘Talks Machina’ actress shows her care and support towards the community. Showing support doesn’t make her gay or bi. 

Marisha Ray has been Happily Married to Matthew Mercer Since 2017 

The ‘Exandria Unlimited’ actress is married. She tied the knot with long-term boyfriend Matthew Mercer in 2017. They are a lovely pair and ensure to let the world know how perfect they are for one another. Ray often posts her and Matthew’s romantic images on her Instagram. 

She is so in love and even proud of his husband. Here are some examples of her love for Matthew. On 24th March 2019, she wrote, “Everyday is such an adventure. So incredibly proud of this man, my husband, @matthewmercervo. Can’t wait for what’s next on the horizon.” 

Her very last photo with Mercer was posted on 23rd October, 2022. She wrote in the caption, “Friday marked 5 years of being married to my space cowboy. Love you, @matthewmercervo. Can’t wait to see what the next 5 years of adventures look like.” 

Everyone is hoping that the pair will make it till they get old together. Her only interest and focus is in Matthew Mercer, and it’s more than enough to understand Marisha Ray is straight. 

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Final Words

Marisha Ray has been actively supporting the LGBT community for several years. She is also open about her support, and that’s why gay rumors were created. 

But Marisha Ray isn’t gay; she is straight. She is married to a famous voice actor named Matthew Mercer. That shows all her interest is in opposite s*x people. 

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