Is Dylan O’Brien Gay or Bi? His Sexuality Revealed

Many fans have had questions about Dylan O’Brien’s sexuality since he first got globally famous through acting in Teen Wolf. It’s because of his bisexual behavior in the series, where he didn’t mind even dating a gay teen boy. 

Let's see how Dylan O'Brien's gay rumors started.
Dylan O’Brien by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He is also free with gay people and talks positively about the LGBTQ community openly. Hence, a lot of people ask if Dylan O’Brien is gay or bi.

To know the correct answer, continue reading the article because we’ve revealed this American actor’s natural sexuality. 

Dylan O’Brien Wanted Gay Men to Fall for Him 

It’s peculiar and can make anyone question Dylan’s sexuality. He actually posted on Twitter about his wish for hay men to fall for him. However, that was a reply to a random page, and he said things indirectly, but fans were wise enough to understand what he meant. 

On 14th June 2011, he replied, “@clareshakedown I dunno my twitter’s filled with mainly girls so far it’s trippin’ me out….I may really not be attractive to gay guys!”

Then another page named BRADY replied to Dylan saying, “don’t worry, you are!” Pretty exciting conversation. Next, you’ll find something more doubtful. 

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Dylan O’Brien Goes to Gay Clubs to Supporting LGBTQ Community

You’ve heard it right, ‘Teen Wolf’ actor often goes to gay clubs. But it doesn’t mean he is gay. O’Brien only goes there to accompany his homosexual friends. Although the actor doesn’t share such news, the media found ways to reveal some secrets. 

A Twitter page named Dylan O’Brien support uploaded the actor’s image with two other guys and shared the information. It wrote, “Dylan O’Brien at a gay club in Brazil (December 2017) 🏳️‍🌈 I love how much he’s supportive with the lgbt+ community.” 

Even the information leaker shared the excellent news that Dylan O’Brien sometimes visits gay clubs to show that he accepts gay people. 

Dylan O’Brien Never Came Out, and He Only Dated Women

Although The Maze Runner actor openly shows his acceptance of gay people, it doesn’t prove that he is also gay. O’Brien is straight because if he weren’t, he would’ve declared himself homosexual or bisexual. 

Besides, he never linked himself romantically with men. He has only dated ladies. As of 2023, Dylan O’Brien is single, but he had 4 relationships in the past. O’Brien dated actress Britt Robertson from 2012 to 2018. When they broke up after 6 years, many fans were disappointed. 

Dylan O’Brien was also the rumored boyfriend of Sarah Ramos and Chloe Bennet. Dylan had the most extended affair with Britt Robertson.

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His second affair was with Chloë Grace Moretz. However, it’s a rumor. None of the stars’ admitted to having a loving involvement. 

Final Words

Dylan O’Brien was misunderstood as gay many times for being so open about his thoughts and support towards the LGBT community. 

However, we shouldn’t doubt a celebrity’s sexuality unless they come out. Dylan O’Brien does hang out with gay buddies, but his love interest is only female oriented. O’Brien is, of course, heterosexual.

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