Is Jean-Claude Van Damme Gay? His Sexuality Revealed

Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of the rare stars that became worldwide famous as a guitarist. However, he made most headlines for getting divorced 4 times. 

Let's see what's our loving actor Jean-Claude Van Damme's sexuality. Is he gay or straight?
Jean-Claude Van Damme by Michaël Bemelmans licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

So, is Jean-Claude Van Damme gay? Why was he gay in the movie ‘Monaco Forever’ and who is his current lover? We covered all the interesting topics about his personal life and sexuality. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme Was Gay in the Film ‘Monaco Forever’ 

Actor and real-life karate master Jean-Claude Van Damme’s fans and haters had a common question back in 1984, “is Jean-Claude Van Damme gay?” This question still exists in 2023. Damme was a gay Karate man in the movie. 

Since he was a real-life Karate master, it led some people to believe that the ‘Lionheart’ actor is also gay in reality. But this is a complete misconception.

In the film ‘Monaco Forever,’ he acted so right that it created scope for doubts. Jean-Claude Van Damme has never admitted to being gay. 

It’s true that he also didn’t recognize himself as straight. So then, how are we so sure about his sexual orientation? It’s super simple to assume the Belgian actor’s sexual label. Let’s introduce to you his wives. 

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Jean-Claude Van Damme Married 4 Times and Has Three Children

The ‘Kickboxer’ actor was married 4 times. Of course, he married women and no man. This is something impossible for a gay man. So it’s clear that Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t gay but a strain. Let’s learn more about his marriage and kids. 

Maria Rodriguez

Jean openly dated his first wife for two years before his wedding to the Venezuelan swimmer Maria Rodriguez. The pair’s affair started in 1978. They wed on 25th August 1980. 

They were husband and wife for about four years. They don’t have a child together. In 1984 the news made headlines that Jean-Claude and Maria were no longer married. 

Cynthia Derderian 

It was, sadly, a short-lived relationship and marriage. Cynthia and Damme were a married couple for only three months.

They got wed by the end of 1985 and ended everything between them in early 1986. Cynthia also has no child with the ‘Universal Soldier actor. 

Darcy LaPier 

Darcy LaPier is prominent as an actress and model. She began dating Damme in 1993. The following year they got married.

The pair have a son who was born on 10th October 1995. The couple divorced two years after their son came into the world. LaPier’s last ex-husband is Brian Snodgrass. 

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Gladys Portuguese

Gladys Portuguese was a former bodybuilder in America. Jean-Claude married Gladys twice. Their first marriage was in 1987. After 5 years, in 1992, they split. 

In 1999 the pair got married again. This time they made sure to stay together forever. They are still a couple and are parents of a daughter and a son. 

Gladys’ and Damme’s son, Kristopher was born on 20th May 1987. Their daughter drew her first breath on 17th October 1990. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s sexuality is straight and is proven by his marital status and biological children. 

Final Words

Jean-Claude Van Damme is heterosexual. Some people misunderstood his sexuality. His feminine looks are the reason for all the misunderstandings. 

So we added his entire marriage details to make things clear. As Jean-Claude Van Damme has married women only, and there’s no love involved with guys, there’s no doubt he is straight.

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