Is Landon Barker Gay? Is He Too Young to Explore His Sexuality?

If you’ve recently known Landon Barker, there’s a high chance for you to misunderstand him as gay. If our guess is correct, you’re probably here to confirm if you guessed it right. 

What's Landon Barker's sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
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Landon Barker doesn’t speak much in front of the camera. Hence there’s no interview of him expressing his sexual orientation. But don’t worry, if you read this article, you’ll know the true sexuality of this actor and model. 

The 19-Year-Old Landon Barker Is Doubted to be Gay for His Outfits

Actor Landon Barker’s sexuality has become a matter of doubt since he began to appear as a lesbian. 

At first glance of Barker, anyone would think him a lesbian or bisexual lady. But he is a guy, and his sexual label is straight. 

The way Landon appears is his way of styling. He wears jewelry, and his pulpy lips are enough to make him look like a woman. 

Did Landon Barker Open His Mouth About His Sexuality? 

Sexuality is a sensitive issue. Hence most stars avoid speaking of it. Landon Barker has also decided not to discuss his sexual orientation publicly. We believe that he has already discovered himself as heterosexual. 

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We can claim this because we know about his relationship with a girl. A gay guy would never date a girl; they don’t even like ladies. For example, Nicolas Sturniolo is gay, and r admitted that he likes boys, not girls. 

Since Landon Barker is silent on this, we can only assume and not claim anything. Let’s further learn about his famous affair with his girlfriend Charli to understand his sexual label properly. 

Landon Barker Is In a Public Relationship With Charli D’amelio

Here’s the exciting thing. Landon Barker has been dating Charli D’amelio for months. They are now an official pair. Initially, it wasn’t official, and people assumed they were a couple. 

But after Landon and Charli made a red carpet debut on 2nd February 2023, there’s no more prolonged confusion.

The pair allegedly started dating in June 2022. They often share romantic videos and pictures. As Landon Barker is attracted to women, he is straight. 

Final Words

Landon Barker is famous for acting and modeling. His woman-like arrival is why many misled fans thought he could be gay. However, he is not. 

Landlord Barker has been happily in a relationship with model and dancer Charli D’amelio since June 2022. Landon’s attraction toward a woman tells it all that he is not gay.

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