Is Bill Hemmer Gay? What’s Fox News Star’s Sexuality?

If you’re a Fox News listener, you must know one of their best journalists, Bill Hemmer. He is a mysterious man to fans since he leads a private life. While Hemmer read much news, there’s almost no news about this star. 

Let's know the truth about Bill Hemmer the Fox News star's sexual orientation.
Bill Hemmer by Trump White House Archived licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

Ever wondered why he is so private? This question may also lead you to doubt Bill Hemmer’s sexual label. The majority of his supporters are eager to know about his sexuality and private life. Here you will learn both about his sexual label and past romance. 

Bill Hemmer Never Did Gay Activity

Bill Hemmer is not gay. He never did any gay activity. Still, some people would like to imagine him as gay. Such people even try to spread the news about Hemmer’s sexuality. But we should be careful before trusting anything. 

Always believe news with evidence. If Bill Hemmer was gay, we were bound to see him at least speaking like gay men. If you notice right, you will see Bill usually speaks manly like most straight men. 

He also wears a manly dress. Without discovering him doing homosexual activity, it’s unacceptable to have a misconception about his sexual orientation. 

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Bill Hemmer Hasn’t Label His Sexuality

Generally, straight celebrities don’t label their sexuality. Not until they come out as gay. Bill Hemmer hasn’t come out. He didn’t announce that he was gay or bi. If you find any website claiming him to be gay, they are lying. 

Bill doesn’t even share gay or queer news on his Twitter or Instagram. He ensures to stay away from LGBTQ. Also, he is too private about his matters and never answers questions about sexual orientation. 

Bill Hemmer’s Sexual Interests

Since there’s no firm evidence of Bill Hemmer’s being gay or even looking at his sexual interests, this way, we can easily understand things. 

If Bill Hemmer is gay, he must have dated a man, and if he is straight, he must have dated a woman. If you check his official dating record, you will not find a boyfriend but a girlfriend. 

Yes, the Fox News star openly dated a female model named Dara Tomanovich. Their relationship lasted 8 long years, from 2005 to 2013. 

After officially splitting with her, Bill is living a single life and giving all his focus on work. Since Bill Hemmer picked a lady to date instead of a guy, it’s clear that his sexuality is straight. 

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Final Words

Usually, people show more interest in celebrities’ sexuality than any other fact. But not every star is okay with sharing their sexual label. Bill Hemmer also likes to stay quiet on this subject. 

That’s okay since his dating life is enough to reveal the truth. Bill Hemmer is heterosexual because he was romantically linked with a lady model Dara Tomanovich. If he were homosexual, he would have fallen for a guy.

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