Is Blackbear Gay Or Bisexual? A Close Look At His Sexuality

What's our loving singer  Blackbear's sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Blackbear by Jillianwilsonmbn licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The singer of the album ‘Deadroses’ is globally known as Blackbear. He is an American. He became popular in 2015 by releasing the first-ever album, which was a super hit. This hip-hop and rap singer landed on Earth on November 27, 1990. 

A shocking fact about Blackbear’s mother is that she used to take drugs when she was pregnant with the baby singer. He had a very simple life since his real father was not with him and his mother. All his struggles made him rise with a wild and rebellious personality. 

Blackbear’s voice has the pain people search for in every music with dark lyrics. His charismatic voice with relatable lyrics helped him make a large fan base.

The singer’s followers have many questions about his career, life, and sexuality. Many controversies were created about his and Mike Posner’s friendship.

A commonly asked query about, if Blackbear is gay or bisexual. So, we are here to let you take a close look at his sexuality. So, without further ado, let’s learn the sexual orientation of the singer Blackbear. 

When did the Blackbear Gay Rumors start?

Blackbear fans always seem excited about his sexuality. They search on Google to know, “is Blackbear gay, straight, or bisexual?” On June 28, 2015, he tweeted about gays.

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He had roommates who were gay. He was proud of them. He said, “gay pride my roommates gay n I fully support his gay a*s.”

Blackbear Tweet about gay.

This made people think he a gay too. But the rumors couldn’t stand long because Blackbear openly showed his relationship with Michele Maturo. 

He never spoke about his sexuality with the media but seeing his happy life with his girl; anyone will understand his sexual orientation. So who is Michele Maturo? We will know about the love life of Blackbear next. 

Blackbear’s Relationship 

Blackbear was reported to have some affairs. He was rumored to have a relationship with Bella Thorne, an actress. But the singer was highlighted with only one personality, and she is Michelle Maturo. She is popular on social media. 

Their love journey began in 2017, and day by day, they are growing together. Blackbear is seen in Instagram photos with his girls. In 2019 the couple even posted a picture with the information that Michelle is pregnant with the baby of Blackbear. 

His open relationship with Maturo demonstrates that Blackbear sexuality is straight. Although the duo didn’t get married, they became the parents of two babies. Their first child’s name is Midnight Thomas and the second baby’s name is Morrissey Onyx Musto.

Blackbear is serious about his fiancee and children. There is also no report of Blackbear having any additional affairs.

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The singer now carefully shares things on social media. He is cautious about judgmental people. These days the singer is seen posting pictures of his family often. 


Blackbear is an outstanding singer of the century. He has released 41 songs till now, and most of those are super hits. With only 5 albums, the singer managed to spread his name internationally. 

His net worth is 5 million dollars. Since he is a big name, he is often questioned about what he says and does. The singer was judged and thought to be gay, but now it is known to many, including you, that Blackbear is straight.

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