Is Christina Aguilera Gay? Is She a Part or an Ally of LGBTQ?

Christina Aguilera always hit the headlines with her bold songs. But she is nowadays more noticeable for being super active in helping grow the LGBTQ+ community. 

Everything about Christina Aguilera's gay rumors and her connection with LGBTQ.
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She is an essential part of LGBT people. But her being super caring to this particular group can actually bring some questions about her sexuality to her fans’ minds. Is Christina Aguilera gay? 

She is even going to receive an award soon for being a part of solving LGBTQ and HIV issues. Let’s remove all your confusion about Christina Aguilera’s sexual label and more. 

Is Christina Aguilera Gay? Did She Come Out Through Her ‘Let There Be Love’ Song? 

Christina Aguilera’s name has been involved with the LGBTQ+ community for years. She shares a great bond with a vast queer fan base. She even made a song named ‘Let There Be Love’ 10 years ago, discussing stopping sexism and racism. 

But did she come out of the closet in it? The truth is no. This song talks about spreading the love for everybody, regardless of sexuality and race.

She requested everyone not to judge people by their identities. We must mention Aguilera is more concerned about LGBTQ+ people than others. 

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She celebrates pride month and discusses their rights. Why is her love for LGBTQ people unconditional? This may lead to another question: Is the ‘Reflection’ singer one of them or just an ally? According to most tabloids, Christina Aguilera is an LGBTQ ally, not gay or bisexual. 

According to a source, she even ki*sed girls when she was younger, but the ‘Hurt’ singer never recognized herself as gay or bi. She only supports the gay community and asks others to help them. She made several Twitter posts regarding it. 

In October 2020, she wrote on her official Twitter, “Today, support LGBTQ youth with me💜” 

Soon she will receive the “Advocate Change award at the GLAAD Media Awards” for her enormous support for LGBTQ people and HIV issues. So, understand Christina Aguilera; she is straight but also a loyal ally of LGBTQ. 

Christina Aguilera Always Picked Men to Make Her Partner

Check the Table below to know who Christina Aguilera dated to this day. 

Name of PartnerStarted DatingBroke up / DivorcedChildren
Jorge Santos20002002No Children
Jordan Bratman20022011Max Liron Bratman
Matthew Rutler2010Still DatingSummer Rain Rutler

There’s no chance for anybody to think the ‘Candyman’ singer could be gay as she only picked men to be her romantic partner. She even broke up with one of her exes, Jorge Santos, as she later discovered him to be gay. 

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If Christina Aguilera were either gay or bisexual, she would’ve married or at least dated a same-s*x person. Since she is worldwide famous, she could’ve also come out of the closet. But she hasn’t, and this is enough to make anybody understand that Christina Aguilera isn’t gay. 

Final Words

Christina Aguilera has taken some unimaginable steps for the LGBTQ+ team. She gave several speeches and made songs, and rooted for them to keep going. 

Her love for gay people doesn’t seem to have an end. But this made her straight fans a little curious to know if she is also gay or only trying to help them live with their chosen identity. 

Now you know it all, Christina Aguilera is not bisexual or gay. She is heterosexual and is into men. Her breaking up with Jorge Santos after finding out the guy was gay is enough to clarify things. 

So, don’t trust sites that portray the singer as the opposite of straight. Christina is happily living with her children and partner, Rutler.

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