Is Nolan Gould Gay? Why is His Sexuality Being Questioned?

Nolan Gould caught the attention of singers and directors long ago with his superb performances. So he acted in movies, TV shows, and music videos. However, one of the music records put him into controversy. 

Everything about Nolan Gould's sexual orientation.
Nolan Gould by OnceUponATime863 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Nolan Gould’s sexual orientation became the talk of the town after he appeared as gay in rapper Logic’s song. So we are here to provide you with the correct information about his sexuality and personal life. Hence, continue reading to get the answer to your question. 

Nolan Gould’s Gay Role Confused Fans About His Sexuality

If you’ve seen rapper Logic’s ‘1-800-273-8255’ music video, you probably got confused with Nolan Gould’s sexuality.

How could he be the perfect gay teen in it? So is he gay in real life too? These common questions can pop up in any Nolan fan’s head. 

The video has been misleading many since it was dropped on YouTube in 2017. Nolan acted as the gay boyfriend of another teen star Coy Stewart. Gould even thanked the ‘TooFab’ news reporter on Twitter for promoting that music video. 

On 19th August 2017, he wrote, “Thank you @TooFab,” and shared the link to the news of his gay role song. TooFab wrote about the article, “EXCLUSIVE: @Nolan_Gould, @CoyStewart on playing gay teens in @Logic301’s vid: The LGBT community needs to see this.” 

Nolan Gould tweeted about his gay teen character in a music video.

Many stars have congratulated Gould for this, but some followers began to spread rumors. Yes, Nolan Gould is not gay. No need to trust the rumors because the actor has yet to come out officially. In the 1-800-273-8255 music video, he only played a gay character, but that’s not coming out. 

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We must wait for the ‘Modern Family’ actor to appear publicly. He has to declare himself a same-sex lover for us to call him gay. 

What Does Nolan Gould’s Dating Life Tell Us About His Sexual Orientation 

Nola Gould is too private about his dating life. He doesn’t want to tell the media if he is dating anyone. We checked the actor’s Instagram well but needed help finding a clue about his girlfriend. It would be easier to understand his sexuality if we could understand his sexual interests. 

Well, thanks to ‘The Celebrity Dating Game.’ It suggested to us that Nolan Gould’s sexuality is straight. He is 100% interested in women.

The ‘Ghoul’ actor was invited to The Celebrity Dating Game, where he picked three beautiful ladies and even showed serious interest in one. 

Her name is Rose, and Gould showed interest in dating in real life. The actor told her in the show, “If we date, you are not allowed to own a suitcase, in case you just decide to up and leave on me.” This is enough to tell us that the ‘Friends With Benefits’ actor is heterosexual. 

Final Words 

Nolan Gould has been showing excellence in acting since entering the industry. The actor got praised and had several opportunities to act in series, songs, and movies. 

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Currently, he is working in the ‘Modern Family.’ He played versatile roles, including gay characters, which made his fans think he was not heterosexual. 

But his sexual interests tell us a different fact. Nolan Gould is interested in women, not men, and you know what that means.

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