Is Uncle Clifford Gay in Real Life? Nicco Annan’s Sexuality Revealed

P-Valley is an excellent series, and you can’t deny it. It has several exciting characters, but Uncle Clifford is more interesting than others. He is gay and has a lover. 

Let's know about Nicco Annan's real-life sexuality.
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The actor that plays the role is Nicco Annan. His homosexual acting is so perfect that people can’t help but ask if he is gay in real life. Here is the answer, folks. 

Uncle Clifford, aka Nicco Annan, Is Openly Gay 

Uncle Clifford in the P-Valley is, of course, gay. But most of you don’t know that he is gay in real life. 

When did he come out? No one knows because he joined P-Valley when he was no longer a closeted homosexual person. 

Nicco Annan gave several interviews where he admitted to being gay. So there should be no more confusion about his sexuality.

Nicco Annan Admitted to be Gay Many Times

The ‘Half Sisters actor said he is gay in several interviews. Last year he gave an interview to Sundays With A Cherry On Top, where he said he is gay.

The actor said, “When I first graduated from college probably was time for me to be a courageous boy. I really kinda grew up with immaturity in my manhood. 

There wasn’t too much space that I staged at that time for a big, dark skin black man that was gay. I’m not a man that walks around and people say ….. and all that kinda stuff, when it comes to sexuality. I mean I like what I like, I’m who I’m, and I don’t make apology.” 

It means the ‘All About The Afterglow’ actor is still criticized for being gay, but it seems he is okay with all that. 

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Nicco Annan Doesn’t Share His Dating Life 

Annan’s supporters are not only curious about his sexual orientation but also about his romance. Is Nicco Annan in a relationship? 

For now, the answer is no. The gay actor may have a boyfriend in secret, and we are waiting for him to get revealed by the paparazzi. 

Final Words

Nicco Annan earned much fame right after he started his acting career. But he became famous in millions with his Uncle Clifford character in ‘P-Valley.’ 

In the series, he is gay, but is he also homosexual in real life? Yes, Nicco Annan is also gay in reality. He has been gay for many years and most probably came out before joining the entertainment industry.


Does Uncle Clifford have a wife? 

Nicco Annan plays the Uncle Clifford role from P-Valley. He is openly gay, and he has no wife. The actor is currently single, according to trustable sources. 

Where is Nicco Annan from? 

Nicco Annan is from Detroit, Michigan, United States. He was born and raised there, so his nationality is American. 

How old is Uncle Clifford in P-Valley? 

Nicco Annan’s age in P-Valley is unknown, but his actual life age is 34 years as of 2023. 

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