Is Drew Phillips Gay? Why is His Sexuality Being Questioned

Every funny content maker faces gay rumors at least once in life. Drew Phillips, a comic content creator, is also doubted to be homosexual. 

Drew Phillips' sexuality details and gay rumors.
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We can’t blame people for doubting his sexual orientation because Drew also posts silly images with gay vibes on his social media. 

But when we thoroughly reviewed his official Instagram account, we found more exciting pictures, which helped us assume Drew Phillips is not gay.

We’ve explained everything in this article that will provide you with the correct information about Drew Phillips’s sexuality. 

Drew Phillips is Just Being Silly, Not Gay

Drew Phillips does many weird things, so it’s natural for anyone to doubt his sexual orientation. Not only his activities but his social media pictures are hilarious. However, many don’t understand that he is just being silly. Followers who don’t know he has someone in his life consider him gay. 

He often posts images that make him look gay. On 12th January, he uploaded funny pictures of him riding a bike and lifting his butt in a Game Zone. It had the caption, “Before you ask… yes, it smells like peaches and roses.” He also wears a white gown at his sister’s wedding ceremony. 

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He wrote, “My sister got married… I’m sorry, but there was NO way I was going to let her be prettier than me. Not on my watch.” Such photos portrayed him as gay to his fans.

Since the YouTuber didn’t talk about his sexual orientation, we need to look at his dating life to assume his sexual label. 

Drew Phillips Posts Romantic Pictures With Different Women

According to most media reports, Drew Phillips was or is still married to Susie Hutton. However, the information varies. Hence we can’t firmly say that he was or is with Susie Hutton. There is also no picture of Susie on his Instagram. 

But Drew is in a relationship with a woman. She also got pregnant with his child. He never mentions his girlfriend’s name or Instagram account but only pictures. 

On 21st June, he uploaded some pictures with a lady, and the photos showed she was pregnant. Phillips captioned it, “Happy Father’s Day 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🤰”

Later on 13th October, he posted two romantic photos with her. In the first picture, he was sitting on her lap, and in the second, she was sitting on his. 

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He wrote, “It goes both ways.” Some fans asked in his comment box about the child, but he never replied. He also has never uploaded his child’s picture. 

So Drew Phillips’s love life is also strange, like his contents. He probably likes to date different women or wants to keep his personal information private from fans. 

There are more pictures of him with females and kids, but none of those can help us understand who he is seriously dating. One thing is for sure; Drew Phillips is not gay but straight. 

Final Words

Drew Phillips and his life can completely puzzle anyone. The more he tries to puzzle his fans; their interest grows in his sexuality and love life. 

After thorough research, we can say Drew Phillips is not homosexual. He is into ladies. But it’s indeed a challenge to know who he is currently dating from all the women he took romantic photographs with. 

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