Is Kenny Omega Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

What did  Kenny Omega say about his sexuality? Let's see whether he's gay or not.
Kenny Omega by grenwail licensed under CC BY 2.0

Tyson Smith is globally known as Kenny Omega, his ring name. He is a Canadian by birth and is a professional wrestler. He works as executive vice president of AEW (All Elite Wrestling). He also performs for it. 

He has achieved both AEW World Champion and AEW Tag Team Champion. Before joining All Elite Wrestling, he wrestled in NJPW (All Japan Pro-Wrestling), winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and IWGP Heavyweight United States Championship, IWGP Intercontinental Championship, and many other titles. 

Kenny keeps his life private. It’s hard to find news about his family or interests. Some Paparazzi tried their best to know more about Kenny, but he seemed to keep silent every time. The wrestler was spotted several times with two fellow AEW personalities. 

Kota Ibushi is the one who was captured more than Hikaru Shida, so most wrestling fans doubt his sexuality.

If you, too, are confused about the sexual orientation of Kenny Omega, we will clear them up by answering the question, about Kenny Omega’s sexuality. So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at his sexual orientation. 

Kenny Omega Gay Rumors

Wondering, “is Kenny Omega gay?” No, the wrestler is not gay. However, we didn’t get any confirmation from the wrestler whether he is gay or straight, but we can assume his sexual orientation.

The number of people who claims to know Omega is homosexual is few. They doubted his sexuality only because the ringmaster is close to Kota Ibushi. 

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They are called “Golden Lovers” by some YouTubers who think the duo has a deeper relationship than friendship. Such videos created doubts regarding the sexuality of the AEW star Omega. 

There are more rumors of Omega having relationships with fellow AEW women wrestlers. But you have to believe in only one, so which one will you believe?

Of course, you must believe he had a relationship with Hikaru Shida, a former champion of the AEW Women’s Championship, and did not have an affair with Kota Ibushi. 

It’s because Kenny Omega doesn’t act like gay. If he were gay, he would have done things that would reveal the truth.

Ibushi and Omega are most probably best buddies. Kenny and Kota are not married, yet they are often seen together. For this reason, people assume they are gay. 

Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers who came out as gay and wouldn’t have issues with his career. Still, no statement or sign from him proves he is gay. 

Besides, once in an interview, the wrestler said he is more focused on his career than anything, and maybe this is keeping him from staying unmarried.

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Not having a wife doesn’t mean a man is gay. Whatever it is, until he confirms he is homosexual, we can say Kenny Omega’s sexuality is straight. 


The life of a celebrity is full of criticisms. Kenny Omega’s criticism started after he was captured many times with Kota Ibushi. They used to go to several places together and have enjoyable times. 

It made many of Kenny’s fans think he was gay. If you were afraid of wondering if your wrestler was gay, now you know he is not.

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