Is Jordan Leavitt Gay? Addressing His Sexuality

If you often go through Jordan Leavitt’s Instagram, a question must come to mind, “Is Jordan Leavitt gay?” We found most of his fans asking questions on various social media platforms. There are some sources that give false information regarding his sexuality. 

Everything about Jordan Leavitt's gay rumors and married life.
Image source credit: Jordan Leavitt’s Instagram

But in this article, we will reveal his actual sexual orientation, including more of his private life information.

So let’s see if Jordan Leavitt has said anything to address the rumors and if he has a life partner and kids. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Here’s Why People Think Jordan Leavitt is Gay

The American mixed martial artist Jordan is considered gay to many fans, especially haters. This is due to his silly behavior and the childish pictures he uploads on Instagram.

Although he is a Martial artist, he appears to be masculine to his followers. If you are a new fan of Leavitt, you will find his many pictures on his official Instagram, where he poses like gay people. 

On 1st February 2023, Jordan uploaded an image of him taking a shower where other men were also to shower or were about to take. That image looked completely gayish.

Earlier this year, on 13th January, he posted a photo that would make anybody think he is not straight. The Fighter posed in a girly way and wrote. “Let them eat cake 🍑”

He posted a lot of pictures that have womanly vibes. Such feminine activities have portrayed Jordan as a gay person. However, the truth is different. He addressed these rumors. Let’s head ahead and learn what he said about his sexuality. 

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Here’s What Jordan Leavitt Said in Addressing Gay Rumors

Not every celebrity addresses gay rumors. Jordan Leavitt was brave enough to talk about the false news some people had been spreading about his sexuality. So he revealed his sexual label in an interview with Ode Osbourne.

He said, When I was in High School, I’ve always been very soft-spoken, overly polite. But I think I was just awkward. When people tell me that I am gay, they send me p*nis pictures, which I think are pretty gay.

He added, “If you think a guy is gay, how the hell do you send your penis to me? I know I’m not masculine; I’m not macho. I don’t fit the whole fighter persona. But I read the message; I was sad about it for a second, but then I went home and lay down with my wife.

Jordan Leavitt has bravely handled everything by smartly delivering his speech. Indirectly he told everyone that it was not him that is gay but those people who tried to catch him to be gay. So now you should believe that Jordan Leavitt’s sexual orientation is straight. 

Final Words

If you were curious to know whether Jordan Leavitt is gay, the answer is no, he isn’t. Jordan is straight, and he instead thinks people who send him d*ck pictures are pretty gay. He also revealed the fact of having a wife who he sleeps with every night. 

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He is now even the father of his biological daughter. Jordan and Ashley are yet to reveal the name of their child. Jordan said he loves being a dad. Hence, it’s ridiculous to misunderstand him as a different sexual person.

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