Is Tim Dillon Gay? Meet Tim’s Boyfriend and Dating Partner

Tim Dillon is one of America’s great comedians. He had a harsh childhood. Dillon’s parents split at his younger age, and his father left. Hence the actor was raised by her mother, who was, unfortunately, a patient with schizophrenia. 

Tim Dillon's sexuality and dating partner details.
Image source credit: Tim Dillon’s Instagram

He lived a depressing life and became an alcohol addict when he was only 13. But Tim was strong enough to fight alone, and later he established himself as a top comedian in America.

After he began to achieve fame, the media and his audience showed interest in his sexuality. The ‘Just for Laughs’ comedian also didn’t take much time to share his sexual orientation.

So, today we will know whether Tim Dillon is gay and his boyfriend or dating partner. Here we go. 

Tim Reconfirmed He is Gay Through a Twitter Post

Dillon knew it; he had been gay for long enough. But he was confused about whether he was right about himself. But one day, he finally realized and explored himself as a homosexual.

It happened while working on a killing trial. While working, he observed many people and found another gay revealing himself slowly. That is when he felt like he should come out of the closet. 

In an interview, he shared his experiences and said, “One of them was quitting drinking, one of them was starting stand-up comedy, one was coming out of the closet.

I had been in the closet until 25, which was very late by today’s standards. By those standards, 2010 was late. So those were three things I did and all within like a two to three months radius.”

So yeah, he came out at the age of 25. Still, there were a few fans who couldn’t believe the news. Hence, the comedian again opened up about his sexual orientation through a post on Twitter.

In that verified post, he wrote, “As a gay person, am I now supposed pretend gay people haven’t ever been racist lol? Or only white dues are homophobic? Intersectionality doesn’t exist….”  . This post is enough to tell us Tim Dillon’s sexuality is gay. 

Does Tim Dillon Have a Boyfriend: Here’s Some Information About His Dating Partner

Coming to his dating life, Dillon is still not reported to have relationships or physical intimacy with anyone.

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He might be dating, but that’s a real secret. We didn’t get any verified news of him having an affair. Tim has an interest in guys but is single for now.

Final Words 

The gay comedian Dillon was quick enough to share his sexuality with fans. While it was unexpected to some, others again suspected him to be homosexual. Although he hesitated to tell the truth to the world for a long, 25 is not too late to come out.


Is Tim Dillon rich? 

Dillon is a wealthy comedian and actor. He earned most from Patreon as a writer. His current net worth is 4 million dollars. 

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