Is William Shatner Gay or Bi? Let’s Know About His Sexuality

William Shatner has played one of the most essential characters of Star Trek. His role as Kirk is still so praiseworthy. But there will always be some people who will ask for more. 

William Shatner by Keith McDuffee licensed under CC BY 2.0

Some fans want the Kirk creator Alex Kurtzman to recreate the fictional character as gay or bisexual. 

William Shatner made a comment on this demand and took advantage to give a hint of his actual sexuality. Let’s find out what Shutner said and if he is really gay, bi, or straight. 

William Shatner Is Not Gay and He Doesn’t Want Any Sexual Harassments 

William Shatner is globally known for his character ‘Kirk’ in Star Trek. Some people tried so hard to make his role seem like it’s gay or bisexual. But the fictional character is straight. 

Although Shatner has not talked about his sexuality directly with any media source, his Twitter account has several posts that helped us understand that William Shatner is straight. He doesn’t like to get harassed by people who like to call him gay. 

He wrote about one of the fans’ thoughts on creating a bisexual or gay version of Kirk. The Canadian actor said he has no issues with making a new queer Kirk character as long as people don’t harass him. 

William Shatner wrote, “Someone came late to the party. Already said that if Kurtzman wants to create a Kirk that’s asexual, bisexual, etc… I have no problem. 

I also don’t have a problem if you want to believe my Kirk was any of those. Just don’t harass me; because then we have a problem. Got it?” So it’s clear that whenever people harassed him with his sexuality he didn’t like it. 

And this also means that William Shatner is not gay. Besides, he married four women in life which is something completely impossible for a homosexual. 

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No gay person can live his entire life with an opposite-sex person and not come out. Let’s learn more about his private life to entirely understand his sexual orientation. 

William Shatner Had 4 Wives 

Actor William has married in his life not once or twice but 4 times. Unfortunately, he split from all his wives. His first wife was Gloria Rand. The couple married in 1956. 

They lived as husband and wife for 13 years until 1969, when they divorced. They have no children together. They became parents of three daughters, Melanie Shatner, Lisabeth Shatner, and Leslie Carol Shatner. 

After three years, he once again married Marcy Lafferty in 1973. They were a married couple for 23 long years. They have no children together and got divorced in 1996. 

The following year after his second divorce, the ‘Star Trek’ actor tied the knot with Nerine Kidd. But their married life was short. Two years later, in 1999, they split. 

The ‘Boston Legal’ actor’s last partner was Elizabeth Shatner. They married in 2001 and it lasted for 19 years. In 2020 when the world was fighting against COVID-19, the couple ended everything between them. 

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Final Words

William Shatner hated being called gay. People tried to ruin his reputation and even on YouTube, there are fake videos that recommend that this talented actor is homosexual. 

But we thoroughly checked all facts regarding his personal life and found no evidence that could prove him gay. He married 4 women, lived with them for years, and became the father of three brilliant daughters. 

Even his lifestyle tells us that he is heterosexual. So don’t go trusting those fake videos that his haters uploaded on YouTube to prove him something that he isn’t.

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