Is Cole Sprouse Gay? Everything About His Sexuality

Cole Sprouse is one of the favorite actors of 90s kids that are now grown-ups. He gained popularity through playing the role of Cody in ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.’ The actor then acted in various great films like ‘Five Feet Apart.’ 

Let's see what's our loving actor Cole Sprouse's sexuality.
Cole Sprouse by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

After becoming a superstar, he answered many questions his fans had for him, except for his sexuality. Are you too interested to know if Cole Sprouse is gay? If yes, then keep reading the article because you will not only learn about his sexual orientation but also exciting news about his personal life. 

Cole Sprouse Wished to Become a Mommy Fueled Gay Rumors

Who do you think wants to become a mother? Either they are women or gay men. Cole Sprouse’s fans were shocked when they discovered Sprouse had such a wish that he wanted to make come true. 

But how can a man be a mother? Well, it’s no longer something impossible with advanced technologies these days. Many gay guys give birth to children through the process called ‘Ectopic Implant.’ 

In 2018 Cole Sprouse wrote on his official Twitter, “I can’t wait to be a mommy someday.” So did he come out by admitting his wish to have a baby as a mother? Luckily he didn’t mean what he said. It was just a fun post. 

However, some supporters actually thought that he had come out of the closet. If he were gay, he would have already taken steps to make his dream come true. Besides, the actor has never dated a man, indicating that it was a funny post. 

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Cole Sprouse Has Been a Supportive Personality to Gay People 

If you’ve known Cole Sprouse for over ten years, you should know that this outstanding actor has been standing for gay rights. He began to show his support for gay people in 2012. 

He made a post on Twitter about LGBT people, along with immigration and abortion. He wrote, “wegowesaveweknow asked: Beliefs on social issues? Abortion, Gay Marriage, Immigration?” He was concerned about gay people and their marriage rights. 

This was another reason why a few people thought he was gay then. But since he didn’t come out as gay, the rumors vanished. 

Cole Sprouse Is Publicly Dating An Opposite-Sex Model 

Cole Sprouse is not gay. He is not into men but women. His relationship and seriousness about his love life with Ari Fournier tell it all. 

The duo has been dating since 2021. Cole shared his current girlfriend’s image on 16th July 2021 and informed the world about the woman she’s into. 

They are still a lovely couple and wished each other on their birthdays in August 2022. Ari Fournier had to wish the actor first since his birthday comes on 4th August. 

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The model uploaded their romantic picture and said, “Hard to describe with a couple of photos how much fun we have together & how much I love celebrating life every day with you. I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world 🤍 Happy birthday, my love, here’s to 30 🎉❤️‍🔥” 

On 28th August (Ari’s birthday), Cole Sprouse shared her image and wrote, “Happy birthday to the incredible @ariloufournier. The apple of my eye. The slaw to my cole. The brussel to my sprouse. The feast to my famine. Love you, baby. Two full circles around the great big buffet heat lamp in the sky. ❤️”

Cole Sprouse’s sexuality is straight, and he made it clear to all through continuing this relationship. 

Final Words

Cole Sprouse has confused us about his sexuality from time to time by not speaking about it publicly, dating privately for years, and supporting the LGBT community. Hence, his fans were divided into two groups. 

One group has always believed that Cole Sprouse is straight, while others believe he is gay. The first group we mentioned guessed it right. Cole Sprouse is straight. 

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He finally began openly dating a beautiful female model, which opened his supporters’ and media’s eyes.

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