Is Sha’Carri Richardson Gay, Bi, or Trans? What’s Her Sexuality?

Sha’Carri Richardson was welcomed to the family on 25th March 2000. She is an American athlete who takes part in 100 and 200 meters. She was first noticed in 2019 with her 10.75-second running record. 

A close look at  Sha'Carri Richardson's sexuality and dating life.
Sha’Carri Richardson by jenaragon94 licensed under CC BY 2.0

Winning 100 meters in such a short time helped her make a place in one of the fastest women 10 fastest women. She quickly became a celebrity and gained worldwide fans. 

Ever since she was introduced to the world, her followers have been curious to know her sexuality and are Sha’Carri Richardson is gay, bisexual, or transgender. So, let’s waste no more time and check, Sha’Carri Richardson’s sexual orientation.

Sha’Carri Richardson Thanked Her Girlfriend After Getting Qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Are you shocked to hear Richardson thank her girlfriend? Everyone got shocked when the sprinter opened up about his girlfriend in an interview with USA Today. She said, “My girlfriend actually picked my color. She said it like, spoke to her, the fact that it was just so loud and vibrant, and that’s who I am.” 

Richardson was in a relationship with a Jamaican athlete. She kept this a secret for years but after breaking up she posted her pictures on stories and confirmed they have split. Richardson kept her secret that long in order to be safe from the media. Maybe she doesn’t want the media to disturb the person she was in love with. 

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There was a time when people used to assume she was gay, but she admitted herself as bisexual in his Twitter posts. Here are some Tweets of the field sprinter. 

These posts tell it all; these answers to the query about Sha’Carri Richardson’s being gay. Now you know he is bisexual and neither gay nor straight. 

Some also ask, is Sha’Carri Richardson transgender? Well, she might have a manly type body and a flat chest, but it doesn’t prove she changed her physical appearance. She is an outstanding athlete and woman who came out as bisexual but is happy with the way she looks. 

Is Bisexual Sha’Carri Richardson Planning to Get Married? 

Sha’carri has been single for months. She broke up with her long-term girlfriend a few months ago. The athlete shared that her ex-girlfriend abused her and behaved horribly with her, for which she had to end everything between them. 

She said in her story, “I was in a relationship with a Jamaican athlete that never cared about me from the jump. I was abused and stolen from, yet protected her from the judgment of her country & family while they dragged me. I had to deal with homophobia and so much more that I’m still healing from.” 

She again posted another story where the two took selfies in a restaurant. Sha’carri seemed happy in that picture, but not her ex-girlfriend. Now that she is single, she might not be interested in marrying unless the athlete finds another love to trust. Besides, in any interviews, she didn’t show interest in marrying soon enough. 

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Final Words 

We generally find celebrities like singers, actors, comedians, and dancers suddenly come out as gay or bisexual. But it’s pretty unusual to know an athlete is coming out.

Sha’Carri Richardson is one of the few athletes who came out. She not only shared the news of having a girlfriend but also shouted out to LGBTQ.


Is Sha’Carri Richardson married? 

The American track sprinter Sha’carri is not married yet, but she expressed having a girlfriend. She admitted that she is bi and that her family knows about her girlfriend. 

What gender is Sha’Carri Richardson? 

Sha’carri has a masculine body. She has a flat chest, and such an appearance makes most people doubt her gender. While Richardson is a woman, most followers thought she was a man who transitioned into a girl. 

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