Is Berry Gordy Gay? What’s Berry Gordy’s Sexuality?

Berry Gordy is an excellent producer of America. His professional name is Berry Gordy Jr. He also worked as a record executive and producer, but now he is retired person.

What's Berry Gordy's sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
Berry Gordy by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

He is well renowned as the author of Motown. It’s an African-American business that has made the highest earnings for decades. 

Berry Gordy was talented enough to write songs as well. He composed a few songs on his own and co-composed several.

His hit music includes Do You Love Me, Lonely Teardrops, Shop Around, and That’s Why. He even wrote two song lyrics for the Jackson Five, ABC and I Want You Back. 

A number of his fans and people out there are confused about Berry Gordy’s sexuality. They want to know, whether Berry Gordy is gay or straight. And what’s his actual sexuality?

So let’s find out why a few people doubt his sexuality and explore the true sexual orientation of Berry Gordy.  

Is Berry Gordy Gay? 

Berry Gordy is not gay. He is straight, and he was married plus divorced three times. He produced 8 children with his three wives. He got divorced from all his wives for various reasons, but none of them quit the relationship for Berry Gordy’s sexual orientation. 

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So, is Berry Gordy gay? Why do some consider him gay? Some people enjoy sharing false news about different celebrities, like their sexual orientation. There is a website called Vipfaq where the website shares a poll to vote for Berry’s sexuality. 

8% of people voted for Berry, claiming him gay, 88% of voters claimed he is straight, and only 3% voted for the option Gordy is bisexual. That 8% of people who claimed Berry was gay must either don’t know about his married life or like to spread rumors. 

Berry Gordy is not gay. He is a straight person.
Berry Gordy by Kingkongphoto & licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Most of his fans already know Berry Gordy’s sexuality is straight, but if you are one such fan who had the wrong information, now you know the truth. 

Berry Gordy Wives 

Although Gordy didn’t label his sexuality, he doesn’t have to prove he is not gay because whoever knows he has three wives will no more trust gossip. 

Berry’s first wife was Thelma Coleman. Coleman and Gordy got married in 1953. The couple produced three children; Berry Gordy IV, Hazel Gordy, and Terry James Gordy. The duo quit their married life in 1959.

The next year after divorcing his first wife, Gordy married Ray Singleton in 1960. The couple shares children, whose name is Kerry Gordy. The couple got separated in 1964. 

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Berry Gordy was in a relationship with Margaret Norton and Jeana Jackson while he was married to Ray, and he welcomed Sherry Gordy in 1960 and Kennedy William Gordy in 1964.

Later Gordy went into a relationship with Diana Ross, an artist of Motown. They produced Rhonda Ross in 1971. His last son was Stefan Kendal Gordy with Nancy Leiviska. However, they were not married. 

Berry Gordy with  Diana Ross.
Berry Gordy and Diana Ross By Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Berry Gordy married Grace Eaton in 1990, and they also ended everything in 1993. Gordy and Grave have no children together. 

Gordy was in several affairs with different women. If he were gay, he would have no interest in women. Hence, you should remove any doubt about his sexuality you had. 


Berry Gordy is a successful songwriter and producer. He also successfully got into women’s hearts, but sadly, everyone he attracted left him real soon.

Gordy, however, is an amazing father. He has 8 children and several grandchildren. He often meets with his kids, all grownups, and spends an enjoyable time with them. 

He was captured in many pictures with his daughters and sons, where all of them looked happy. Gordy is now over 90 years old and is straight.

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