Is Maluma Gay or Bi? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

Colombian singer Maluma and his sexual orientation became the talk of the town right after the release of the ‘No Se Me Quita’ song. It’s because he featured the famous gay singer Ricky Martin. 

Why is Colombian singer Maluma's sexuality being questioned? Let's see.
Maluma by Teca Lamboglia licensed under CC BY 2.0

Singer Maluma didn’t care about the rumors at first. But when situations became unavoidable, he said some facts that will give you a clear concept of his sexuality. 

Let’s see what the singer said and more about his romantic involvement. 

Maluma’s Sexuality Is Being Questioned After He Collaborated With Gay Singer Ricky Martin

Have you heard the song ‘No Se Me Quita’ by Maluma and Ricky Martin? The song was a super hit right after dropping. The fans praised the track, but Maluma’s sexual orientation became a considerable matter. 

Since Ricky Martin is openly gay, Maluma’s supporters thought he, too, came out as gay by collaborating with Martin. However, Maluma didn’t do any gay activity in the entire video. 

Instead, he showed interest and excitement for the lady models in the music video. Even one of the female models gave mouth-to-mouth with Maluma to save him when he lost consciousness. 

If he were gay, Ricky Martin would have done the mouth-to-mouth process. Besides, the ‘Sobrio’ singer has addressed gay rumors. Let’s see what he said about his sexuality label. 

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Maluma Addressed to Gay Rumors In an Instagram Q&A Video

Maluma did the right thing when things got out of control. He talked about his sexual orientation and challenged everyone to bring their girlfriends to him to determine whether he was gay or bi. 

He also said that if he were gay, he would have shared the fact earlier with fans. The ‘Tukoh Taka’ singer said, “People are stupid. If I were gay, I would have already spoken about it. The one who said I’m gay, lend me your girlfriend to see how gay I’m.” 

There should no longer be doubts about this handsome Colombian singer’s sexuality. Maluma is 100% straight. 

Maluma Once Had a Girlfriend

Well, there’s no trace of him being gay in the past. He once was in a public relationship with Natalia Barulich, an American model. Without any evidence, you can’t call a straight celebrity gay. 

Although he didn’t give much information about their romantic journey, he admitted this in 2018. Since then, Maluma has been trying to focus on his career more and hiding his private life. 

He is currently single, yet he had to mention that he isn’t in an affair with Ricky. The ‘Borro Cassette’ singer said, “I’m not gay; I don’t have a relationship with Ricky Martin.” 

Final Words

Maluma is a great Colombian singer. He achieved success long ago, and since he became famous, his sexuality has become a matter. Until he released the music video ‘No Se Me Quita’ featuring Ricky Martin, gay rumors were avoidable. 

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But after the song was released, it fueled rumors. Maluma tried to ignore it as much as he could, but when people began to ask him whether he was gay in Q&A videos, he had to answer. He addressed the made-up stories. 

He said he would’ve already shared this if it was true and challenged people to bring their girlfriends to check if the singer is gay.

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