Is Simone Susinna Gay? His Sexuality and Dating Life

In June 2021, a romantic picture of actors Simone and Michele swirled online. The image showed they were hugging like couples. Some took the photo positively, others took it negatively, but everyone considered them a gay pair. 

What's Simone Susinna's sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
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Most fans believed Susinna came out of the closet. Do you also think that Simone Susinna is gay? Then it would be best if you learned the story behind the image.

Today we will reveal Italian actor Simone Susinna’s sexuality and inform you if he addressed the rumors. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Do Simone Susinna and Michele Morrone’s Romantic Images Hint Us At? Is Simone Susinna Gay? 

Simone Susinna is too open on Instagram. He often shares his pictures there and even some adult photos of him. Simone posted a romantic image with Michele Morrone! Everything was fine until the day he uploaded a different picture. 

On 1st June 2021, he mentioned Michelle in a photo where he was hugging him from behind, and they were in a swimming pool. It completely looked like they were on a date. That one post brought doubts about his sexuality to the fans’ minds. 

Does that image hint that he came out of the closet? Of course not. Both have worked in ‘365 Days,’ and they have become great brothers to one another. Hence they often spend time together as brothers. They said it was nothing but a brotherly image. 

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Both had to face trouble for the rumors, but only Michele told fans that neither he nor Simone is gay. He put up an Instagram story and clarified the total confusion.

He wrote, “This morning, I woke up with my team calling me and saying, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of articles…saying that you came out,’ because of the picture I took with Simone. He became a very good friend of mine; we’re like brothers. We’re shooting a movie together. Guys, it was just a picture. Nothing more.”

They took the photo while shooting the film. It was, in reality, nothing romantic. Thanks to Michele Morrone for addressing the rumors. This way, we got to know that Simone Susinna is straight. 

Is Simone Susinna Dating? 

The more the ‘Heaven in Hell’ actor tries to hide his love life, the more fans show curiosity. Every year the media and Susinna’s followers wait to discover him romantically with someone in real life. 

But the actor seems to be always careful. He ensures to hides his private life well. Hence, it’s hard even to assume he is in a relationship. Since no evidence exists, we have to believe that Simone Susinna will be single in 2023. 

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Final Words

Simone Susinna is an Italian actor. However, he is globally famous. People who love to see Italian movies and dramas know him well. But only some fans have proper knowledge of Simone Susinna’s sexuality. 

When Simone uploaded a couple of types of pictures with another actor Michele, it gave people a wrong idea of both celebrities’ sexuality labels. People thought they came out. But Morrone later addressed the rumors. 

He said they are nothing but brothers, proving that Simone Susinna isn’t gay. The actor is currently single, but fans believe he has girlfriends in secret.

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