Is Miles Teller Gay or Bi? Look at Top Gun Star’s Sexuality

Every crazy fan of Miles Teller knows that he has no problem with LGBTQ, but he does have issues with playing gay characters.

Let's see what's Miles Teller's sexuality. Is he gay, bisexual, or straight?
Miles Teller by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Still, his sexuality label is questioned because he acted in a film that included homosexual scenes. You’ve guessed it right; it’s the ‘Top Gun’ movie. 

This film has a famous gay scene on the beach with volleyball. Is this the right way of assuming a star’s sexual orientation?

Let’s find out whether Miles Teller is gay. We’ve done deep research on his private life and discovered his actual sexuality. So let’s learn. 

Miles Teller Can’t be Gay or Bi: The Actor Hates Kissing Dudes 

Is Miles Teller gay? Fans have asked this to know the ‘War Dogs’ actor’s sexuality. Miles Teller is straight because he hates kissing dudes. His sexuality label is not doubted, but his fans are just curious about his sexual interests. 

In an interview, he admitted to not liking kissing same-gender people. If he were gay, he wouldn’t make such a statement.

Hence you won’t find him playing a gay character. So, girls, you should feel happy knowing your crush’s sexuality is heterosexual. 

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Miles Teller Is a Loyal Lover 

The ‘Get a Job’ actor is super straight. He is loyal to his lover and current wife, Keleigh Sperry. The pair first met at a party, from the first day till this day, Miles and Keleigh. 

He told Vogue about how he felt when he saw his Sperry. He told the questioner,

“Keleigh had caught my eye early in the night, and we talked. I didn’t think it went well, but I got her to dance with me after a few more attempts. A week later, we went on a date. After we met, I knew she was the one.”

The duo dated for 6 years until they finally got wed on 1st September 2019. They are now a happy couple, and Sperry doesn’t forget to share her lovely moments with Miles on Instagram. 

Final Words

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry are a couple of goals for many people. They dated for years and successfully married in 2019.

Miles’ sexual interest is only for Sperry, which tells us that the ‘Spiderhead’ actor is not gay or bisexual but heterosexual.

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