Is Alejandro Speitzer Gay? His Sexuality and Dating Life

Who doesn’t know the heartthrob actor Alejandro Speitzer? He made a great fan base through his spectacular acting in the ‘Dark Desire’ series on Netflix. This Famous Mexican actor’s supporters are curious to know about his dating life and his sexuality. 

A close look at Alejandro Speitzer's sexuality and dating life.
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He led many fans in confusion regarding his sexual orientation in 2019. A romantic kis*ing picture of him and another man is still on his Instagram. Who is that guy? Is he the boyfriend? Is Alejandro Speitzer gay in real life? Here are the answers. 

When Alejandro Speitzer Wrote ‘Love is Love,’ Did He Come Out? 

Here’s the story of why Alejandro Speitzer was thought to be gay. In 2019 he made a post on his Instagram account. Speitzer uploaded a romantic photo. He was kis*ing Erick Elias and captioned the image ‘Amor es Amor.’ That means love is love. 

Not only people thought that he came out, but they also considered the actors as a pair. But neither Alejandro Speitzer nor Erick Elias came out. It was an image from the film ‘theatre play Straight’ where they were cast as a homosexual couple. 

When we discovered Speitzer’s past dating history, we understood the actor is not gay. 

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Alejandro Speitzer Was and Is Still in Love With Ladies

The ‘Dark Desire‘ actor is straight. His dating life is the evidence. He has dated many girls in the past and is still in a relationship with a high-profile lady. 

Since Alejandro shared most of his girlfriends’ pictures on Instagram, it was simple to understand his sexual orientation. Let us introduce you to ladies that openly dated/are dating Alejandro Speitzer. 

Minnie West

Alejandro Speitzer’s first open affair was with his ‘El Club’ co-star Minnie West. The pair began their affair in 2014. 

Although the couple kept their relationship secret for some time, they made it official when speculations increased. 

West and Speitzer dared for 5 long years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they broke up officially. Minnie West still has Alejandro’s image on her Instagram. 

Ester Esposito

Esposito and Alejandro’s relationship really caught fans’ attention. Both were so crazy in love, and the ‘The Club’ actor even shared their private photo on social media. 

He wrote ‘I Miss You’ in Spanish. Also, Esposito shared Speitzer’s image on her timeline. It was official. The pair started their relationship in early 2020. However, they soon broke up, and he moved on with another woman. 

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Ana María Vallarta 

Alejandro Speitzer’s new and current girlfriend is Ana María Vallarta. She is from Cuernavaca. This time the ‘Me gusta, pero me asusta’ actor selected a less popular lady to date because there’s almost no valid information about her. 

On 14th July 2022, he uploaded a romantic photo. Since then, speculations say he has been dating that beautiful lady.

However, Alejandro Spitzer didn’t upload any new romantic pictures, so it’s believed that the pair are still dating. 

Final Words

Alejandro Spritzer is the crush of thousands of young ladies. He shocked all of them by kis*ing another male actor back in 2019. Many fans couldn’t take this. A majority of followers began to think of him as homosexual. 

But the reality is different. That image didn’t mean he came out, but it was just a movie promoting a photo. He was promoting his and Erick Elias’s gay romance movie ‘theatre play Straight.’ So ladies no need to worry or get sad. 

Alejandro Spritzer is straight and has only dated beautiful ladies and even less popular pretty women. Hence, you can keep your dream of having Spritzer as yours.

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