Is Jo Koy Gay or Bi? A Close Look at His Sexuality

For decades people can’t help but doubt a comedian’s sexual orientation. Comedians do some activities that may give gay vibes, but that doesn’t make all of them homosexual. What do you think about Jo Koy’s sexuality? 

Is Jo Koy gay or bisexual? Let's know about his sexuality closely.
Image source credit: Jo Koy’s Instagram

Is Jo Koy gay or bisexual? Various websites and people are providing misinformation about this comedian and actor’s sexuality label. Instead of trusting every single post on social media, trust facts. 

Learn about his sexuality with us because we checked all the necessary facts before informing you. 

Jo Koy Isn’t Gay or Bisexual

Your favorite comedian Jo Koy isn’t gay. In order to consider a celebrity gay, we need enough evidence. But there’s no strong evidence that Jo Koy ever came out in the past or recently. He is open about his personal life. 

We’ve discussed the ‘Easier Sunday’ actor’s personal life for you to understand his sexuality better. So if the comedian were actually gay, he would have already come out to the media. Also, his past relationships and becoming a dad are enough to prove that he is heterosexual. 

Jo Koy Loves Women

Comedian Jo Koy’s sexuality is straight. He only has girlfriends and is interested in ladies. The ‘Anastasia’ actor had two public relationships. Let’s learn who Jo Koy, aka Joseph Glenn Herbert’s girlfriends were/are. 

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Angie King 

Agie King is a Filipino singer. Angie is also known as ‘Nura Luca.’ some reports say she was Koy’s wife; however, verified sources don’t support such claims. There’s no verified news on when the couple began dating and broke up. 

The pair have a couple who were welcomed to the family on 21st April 2003. Since his mother is Filipino, Angie and Jo’s son Joseph Herbert Jr. loved the Philippines and showed his love through his father’s Instagram. 

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy first were a rumored couple. But the pair made things official on 27th September 2021. Both made posts on Instagram and informed their fans that the speculations were correct. 

The duo was officially a couple for only 9 months. They split in June 2022 but were Informed about their break up a month later. In July 2022. Chelsea shared the news that she and Jo Koy are no longer dating. After breaking up with Handler, the ‘Metal Shop Masters’ actor is single. 

Jo Koy and His Son Have a Strong Bond 

Jo Koy and his son have a super strong bond. They live together in San Fernando Valley. Koy often shares pictures and videos of their sweet moments. 

Right now, his son Joseph is his best buddy. Followers love to see the father and son duo having fun together. He really seems happy living with Joseph Gelenn Herbert Jr. and focusing on work. 

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Final Words

Jo Koy is not homosexual but heterosexual. Since he is a comedian and does funny activities (including behaving like a woman sometimes), some supporters take his sexuality wrongly. 

Koy was in a long-term affair with Angie King. He became a father with Angie’s baby. Although the pair split long ago, he kept his son with him. Our brief analysis of his private life hinted to us that he is only interested in ladies. 

Jo was also in a relationship with Chelsea Handler that didn’t last long. So, it’s funny to think of his sexuality as anything other than straight.

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