Is Brandon Rogers Gay or Bi? Everything About His Sexuality

Brandon Rogers, who used to be pretty private, has been entirely open since 2018. Something big happened in his life then. He finally came out to the world. 

The truth about  Brandon Rogers' sexuality and coming out story.
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But some believed he had a girlfriend in 2016. Is Brandon Rogers really gay or just making everyone fool? Who was that girl that he called his love? Here’s the entire story and evidence that Brandon Rogers’ sexuality is gay.

Brandon Rogers is Gay and Came Out In 2018 

YouTuber and comedian Brandon Rogers is gay. He came out of the closet 5 years ago. In September 2018, he told the world he is gay through the Drinkin’ Bros Podcast. 

Since he is an open homosexual celebrity, you’ll find many videos and pictures as evidence on his YouTube and Instagram account. After coming out, Brandon is also working as a model. 

He made many gay-related funny videos like, ‘Things All Gays Say,’ ‘Gay Batman, and more. 

Does Brandon Rogers Have a Boyfriend?

Brandon Rogers has been gay for years, so his love life has become more of a curiosity to his fans. Is Brandon Rogers dating anyone currently, or has a boyfriend? Unfortunately, Rogers keeps his private life too secretive from the media. 

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Sources say Brandon may have had one or two affairs in the past. But he kept his boyfriend’s related data under wraps. Although on YouTube, you’ll find videos that seem he dated the guys in the video, those are scripted. 

There’s one post from 2016 where he said, ‘My love is back in town,’ but it was a lady. It means he also calls his friends ‘love.’ Hence, it also becomes hard to assume if he is having an affair with anyone with whom he posts a picture. 

Final Words

Is Brandon Rogers gay? Anyone will have this question after visiting his Instagram for the first time. Yes, he is homosexual and came out of the closet in 2018 in a podcast show. 

Brandon Rogers has been single since he got famous. He publicly appeared on the ‘Drinkin’ Bros Podcast.’ Although a past picture of him with a lady may confuse people about his sexual orientation, she is only his friend. 

He neither dated before nor dated after coming out. Also, he has yet to decide whether to get married anytime soon.


What is Brandon Rogers famous for? 

Brandon Rogers is primarily famous as a sketch artist. But he is also prominent for acting, writing, directing and comedy.

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What nationality is Brandon Rogers? 

Brandon Rogers drew his first breath on 3rd August 1988. His birthplace is Hayward, California, United States. Hence, he is an American by birth. 

What is Brandon Rogers’ ethnicity? 

Although Brandon Rogers’s nationality is American, his ethnicity is different. He has a mixed-up ethnicity, including Spanish, Portuguese, Scottish, and Filipino. This ethnicity depends upon his grand and great-grandparents’ ethnicities. 

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