Is Judge Judy Gay? Why is Her Sexuality Being Questioned?

Judge Judy is a retired judge known best for her courtroom tv program, “Judge Judy,” and her real name is Judith Sheindlin. 

Judge Judy is not gay. She is straight by sexuality.
Judge Judy by Susan Roberts licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She became well-known due to her no-nonsense attitude and razor-sharp wit, and she was often praised for her capacity to cut through the drama to reach the heart of the subject.

Judith Sheindlin doesn’t speak much of sexuality, so her fans can’t help but be curious to know if she is gay or straight. Here’s everything about Judge Judy’s sexuality and marriage life. 

Judge Judy Isn’t Gay, But She Does Support Gay Marriage 

Well, folks, many have this wrong conception about Judge Judy’s sexual orientation that she is gay. However, this isn’t the truth. Judge Judy is straight, and she never announced her sexual label to be gay. But she is indeed a strong supporter of LGBTQ. 

In an interview with Larry, she talked about gay marriage and was seen as angry about the state rules back then, with “Preoccupation with gays being permitted to marry.”

She said, “We’ve got a lot of trouble in this country. Why should the state be interested in prescribing the word marriage to two people who love each other? 

Who is responsible, tax-paying, who have created a family. Sometimes two people, sometimes two people and children.

Why would the state have an interest in prescribing that kind of conduct? I do understand. I don’t understand the preoccupation with gays being permitted to marry.”

She kept on saying more to make gay marriage normal in society. 

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Judith Sheindlin from Judge Judy is Straight Since She Married Men and Gave Birth to Two Children

A well-known tv personality and current family court judge, Judy Sheindlin is more famously referred to as Judge Judy. She was born on October 21, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York, and has been married twice.

She wedded Ronald Levy for the first time after they met when she was a student at American University in Washington, D.C.

Jamie, and Adam are their two children, and they married in 1964. The couple’s marriage, however, was temporary, and they separated in 1976.

Jerry Sheindlin, a retired lawyer who ruled the same court as Judy, married Judy in 1977. When Judy worked as Jerry’s court clerk, they first became acquainted with one another. Jerry soon adopted Judy’s two children from her first marriage after they were married in 1977.

Judy and Jerry have been wed for over 40 years and are recognized for their close bond. Jerry has frequently been on Judge Judy’s show and even briefly hosted his own court show, “The People’s Court,” as a sign of mutual support for one another’s professional life.

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Final Words

As Judith Sheindlin’s sexual orientation is unimportant to her work as a judge and television personality, it is unnecessary to establish it. 

But it should be noted that Sheindlin and her partner Jerry Sheindlin have five children together and have been married since 1977. 

Besides, Judith is the biological mother of two of her five children. She has not publicly identified as anything other than straight.

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