Harvey Levin is Gay | A Close Look at His Dating Partner

Harvey Levin is Gay by sexuality. Let's see who's the TMZ founder's present dating partner.
Harvey Levin by Greg Hernandez licensed under CC BY 2.0

Harvey Levin is an outstanding talent when it comes to reporting a celebrity. Although he is also a producer and legal analyst, most people know him as a TV personality. 

He was born in 1950 and has grown old. Throughout his career, Levin hid something intense. He is gay, and he revealed it when he was 59. 

Want to know why he kept this a secret for such a long time? Let’s discover facts regarding Harvey Levin’s sexual orientation and details about his dating partner. 

Harvey Levin Came Out As Gay in 2010 

Harvey Levin is a multi-talented person. He is a producer, a celebrity reporter, a legal analyst, and a former lawyer. When Levin was rising to fame and gaining success in his career, he was afraid of coming out as gay. 

For a long time, the TMZ founder knew he was homosexual. However, chose to keep his mouth shut about it. It’s because, in 1970-1980, he was in his 20s, and that particular period was complicated for gay men. 

Generally, most celebrities come out in their 20s, but Harvey had to reveal his sexual orientation when he was 59 years old in 2010.

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Within 2010 several celebrities came out of their closets. It inspired Harvey Levin and gave him the courage to speak about his real identity. 

He became the speaker of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, and finally, in April 2010, he declared himself gay.

He also shared the fact of keeping his identity hidden for this long. The American producer said he knew he would lose career opportunities if he revealed his sexuality earlier. 

Is Harvey Levin in a Relationship?

Harvey Levin has been dating his only partner Andy Mauer. The two have been in a relationship since the 1990s. They were successful in keeping their affair under wraps till they wanted. 

When Levin came out as gay, he shared the news that he has a man named Andy Mauer, whom he loves. The two met at Andy’s chiropractic center. At first, they became good friends, but after learning about one another, they fell in love. 

While Levin knew he was gay for years, Mauer didn’t. At a young age, he had many girlfriends but couldn’t grow true feelings for them. After meeting and beginning to love Harvey, Andy discovered he is gay. The two are still dating now. 

Final Words

Harvey Levin is an openly gay TV personality. He had to go through the trouble of keeping his gay identity a secret. 

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But for the sake of his career, he kept his sexuality private and acted straight. He even had to hide his only loving partner Andy Mauer from the world to safeguard his work life. 

Eventually, when things got more straightforward and people began to accept queer people, Harvey Levin came out as gay at an LGBT journalists association event. He owns many properties along with his partner.

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