Is Chris Tucker Gay or Bi? What’s His Actual Sexuality?

It’s pretty simple to understand a star’s sexuality, yet people love to confirm things because there are hidden stories that later reveal a celebrity’s real sexuality label. 

What's Chris Tucker's actual sexuality? Is he gay, bisexual, or straight?
Chris Tucker by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Today we will discuss Chris Tucker’s sexuality and tell you the truth. Is Chris Tucker gay? The answer lies in his lifestyle and religious beliefs. 

Let’s learn some interesting facts about Chris Tucker’s life to understand whether he is straight or gay. 

Chris Tucker is Not Gay Since He is a Christian

If a fan knows well about Chris Tucker’s religious faith, he can’t think of him to be gay. Yes, comedian Tucker is Christian and very serious about his religious beliefs.

He is serious enough to avoid using harsh words in every performance. In an interview, he revealed the reason for not using slang and unacceptable words. The reason is his Christian faith.

Since the ‘Friday’ movie actor is Christian, he can’t be homosexual since homosexuality is considered a major sin. No Christian would practice homosexuality, and so, Chris Tucker also never will. 

Chris Tucker Had a Wife and Is a Father

It would be acceptable to think of him as homosexual if the ‘Partner’ actor had married or dated a man. However, no records are found of him getting romantically involved with guys. Tucker always dated women and married a famous lady director. 

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His wife was Azja Pryor. She is an ex-director. Pryor became more popular after marrying Chris Tucker. The couple dated and wed in 1997.

In 1998 the pair became parents of their only son Destin Christopher Tucker. He is now prominent for being an entertainer. 

In 2003, ‘Rush Hour’ actor and Pryor officially split. Since Chris Tucker was married to a female celebrity and has a son, he is straight. 

Chris Tucker Has Been Dating India Arie Since 2007 

Chris Tucker was single for years after getting divorced from his ex-wife. He then suddenly found the love of his life once again in 2007. He met and fell for India Arie. Since she isn’t famous, no one knows much about her. 

But Tucker ensured to inform the media. So he shared the fact that he is in love with India. Since 2007 they are still a pair. It’s 2023, and they have been dating for 16 years. However, Chris and India have maintained a low-key relationship for some past years. 

Some began to think they might have broken up. But Tucker didn’t inform his breakup rumor. Hence, we believe they are still having an affair. 

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Final Words

Chris Tucker is a unique comedian. We added the word ‘unique’ because he doesn’t use bad words while performing. Since he believes in Christianity, he tries to lead a decent life according to Jesus’s teachings. 

And so he made sure to date and married only females. It’s ridiculous to think he is closeted gay or bisexual. Chris Tucker’s lifestyle is enough to prove his sexuality is heterosexual.

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