Is Damian Hurley Gay? Look at Elizabeth Hurley’s Son’s Sexuality

Damian Hurley is the son of prominent actress Elizabeth Hurley. He is also an actor but is most famous as a model. He has been modeling since his teen life. Damian looks like both his father and mother. So there are both manly and girly vibes on his face. 

Let's see whether Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian Hurley is gay or not.
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Moreover, we often see him giving lady-like facial expressions in photos. This can, of course, make anyone get confused with Damian Hurley’s sexuality.

This article will help you know why people mistake Hurley’s sexual orientation, if he is straight, and more about his love life. 

Damian Hurley’s Long Hair and Feminine Expressions Can Make Anyone Think Him, Gay 

It’s not just you, most people who know Damian Hurley or have seen his fashionable images will mistake him as gay. There are reasons why it’s hard to understand his sexuality when you first glance at him. 

Damian’s face is unique. He has both his parents’ facial patterns, so when he gets a small boy-type haircut, he looks like an absolute man. But when he keeps his hair long and gives some feminine expression, anyone will believe he is gay or trans. 

Instead of trying to understand a person’s sexuality through his lifestyle, fashion is useless because many stars would wear girly outfits and make-up sometimes but are straight in real life. 

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We need to check whether the specific celebrity has declared his sexual orientation or who he is dating. 

Damian Hurley Remains Silent About Rumors and His Sexuality

Many straight celebrities had to go live or tell the media and world they are heterosexual after they got sick and tired of rumors at a point in life. But Damian Hurley doesn’t seem tired of all those negative comments he often gets on his post. 

So till now, he didn’t label his sexuality or given an interview with the media about it. Without his confirmation, we can’t assume him to be gay. However, his love life hints that the model and actor are straight. 

Damian Hurley Is Dating Several Women But Has Kept All His Girlfriends’ pieces of information a Secret

Hurley posts almost all of his moments on his Instagram account, and we found pictures of him and a girl. In that image, he was hugging him, and both were laughing.

The caption said it all. He wrote, “happy birthday, baby girl 😈😈 Can’t wait until I’m home and can give you everything you deserve and more 🍯Xx.” 

In another of his post on 10th July 2021, we saw him getting romantic with a woman, and it had the caption, “Happy 20th to wife 🥳🥳 you gave me my first hickey when we were 12 (swipe for proof 😭), and I’ve been into you ever since 🖤 love ya pretty xx.” 

Damian took his first love bite from this specific girlfriend but has not tagged her or shared her name but some photographs and video. One thing is for sure, Damian Hurley is straight. He is totally into women. 

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Final Words

Damian Hurley’s sexuality has been misunderstood since the day he was photographed with his long hair and feminine poses. Many people considered him gay and kept posting negative comments on his social media accounts. 

He seems to be a silent responder, so he posts images of his girls with romantic captions. This way, clever people will understand that Damian Hurley is not gay and doesn’t seem to care for others. 

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