Is Maxwell Gay? What’s The American Singer’s Sexuality?

Fans have endless curiosity about their favorite stars’ sexual orientation. Maxwell’s fans are not different. When they saw that the singer was not discussing his sexual label, they began to speculate. 

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Some speculated he was straight, and others assumed him to be gay. But what’s Maxwell’s actual sexuality? We are here to inform you of that. So sit tight and scroll through the article. 

Maxwell Never Spoke About His Sexuality

American singer and songwriter Maxwell doesn’t prefer talking about sexual labels. He mostly likes to talk about things related to music.

Since he stays silent on this, his fans’ curiosity grows more. So is Maxwell gay? According to valid information, Maxwell isn’t gay.

Because he never said he is one. If there is a gay rumor about him, we need the ‘Pretty Wings’ singer to confirm it. We believe Gerald Maxwell Rivera is straight because he had only dated women. 

Maxwell’s Dating History Tells Us That He is Into Women 

Singer Maxwell had dated at least 11 ladies. Being in so many affairs proves that Maxwell is interested in women.

 We can only provide information about some of them as the article will get unnecessarily lengthy. 

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But we will introduce some of the ‘Fistful of Tears’ singer’s famous girlfriends. Let’s take a look at them. 

Ananda Lewis

Maxwell’s first official relationship was with then MTV veejay Ananda Lewis. However, their affair was too short-lived.

They dated for a month only. In October 1998, the pair began dating and ended things in November of the same year. 

Elisabeth Röhm 

Maxwell has also publicly dated Elisabeth Röhm. The pair attended MTV Video Music Awards held in New York City, and the media got to know about their romance. According to verified sources, the couple started an affair in 2003 and separated in the same year. 

Kris Jacobs

Kris Jacobs and the ‘Fire We Make’ singer started and ended their love journey in 2009. Kris is a prominent model, and there are romantic photos of the pair on the internet. 

Deimante Guobyte 

According to some trustable sources, Maxwell has dated and married model Deimante Guobyte. The pair got married in 2013 but couldn’t make their wedding last. The duo soon divorced, but the American singer didn’t share any information about their splitting. 

Julissa Bermudez 

Dominican singer, dancer, and model Julissa Bermudez was the last woman Maxwell dated openly. They fell in love in 2014.

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Sadly it’s unknown when the pair split. But one thing is for sure, American singer Maxwell is currently single. 

Final Words 

Singers are famous worldwide. Their fans are always eager to know about them. But mostly, fans show interest in the star’s sexual orientation. 

Maxwell’s fans are curious whether he is gay or straight. We hope you have no more prolonged confusion about Gerald Maxwell Rivera’s sexuality after knowing he had 11 girlfriends. 

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