Is Eddie Murphy Gay or Bi? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

Do you think that it’s okay to assume a star’s sexuality relies on the roles that they play in movies? Maybe some of you will say yes and others no. We think that it’s not an appropriate way to understand a celebrity’s sexual label. 

Let's know about Eddie Murphy's gay rumors and sexuality.
Eddie Murphy by Viacom licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

We need to know if the star has said anything about the matter or checked their dating or life partner.

This article will enlighten you about Eddie Murphy’s sexuality and show you evidence. Let’s see if Eddie Murphy has claimed himself as gay or is straight and married to a woman. 

Eddie Murphy Has Played Several Gay and Bisexual Roles Leading His Supporters to Think He Could Be Gay 

In some of his movies, Eddie Murphy has portrayed gay and bisexual characters. As “Mr. Robinson” on Saturday Night Live in the early 1980s, he played a secret gay guy attempting to keep his sexuality from his landlord.

This performance is one famous example. In the 1996 movie “The Nutty Professor,” Claude, a flashy fashion designer, was another character he portrayed. 

Also, in numerous other movies, Eddie Murphy has portrayed gay or bisexual characters. These Include:

  • “Boomerang”- In this 1992 film played by Murphy, a womanizing advertising executive engages in sexual activity with a man played by Grace Jones.
  • “Harlem Nights” – In this 1989 film, Danny Aiello’s male character and Murphy’s nightclub owner had a fleeting romance.
  • “Dreamgirls” – In the 2006 film, Murphy portrayed a soul musician who appears to be bisexual since he had affairs with both male and female characters.
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It’s essential to recognize that an actor’s choice to portray a homosexual or bisexual character does not always match their actual sexual preferences.

It is wrong to assume that an actor is gay or bisexual based on their roles because actors frequently play characters different from themselves.

The best way to understand a star’s sexual label is to check if they are in a loving relationship with a same-gender person. So let’s check Eddie Murphy’s. 

Eddie Murphy’s Affairs and Marriages Have Always Involved Women

Eddie Murphy has had his fair share of relationships, marriages, and children throughout his career. He only picked women to date and marry, so we think it’s safe to presume Eddie Murphy isn’t gay but straight. Here are his love life details. 

Over the years, Murphy has had relationships with some women, including singer Whitney Houston, model Tamara Hood, and actress Robin Givens. He is possibly best known for his marriage to Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Mel B, a former Spice Girl.

They started dating in 2006, and in April of that same year, they gave birth to a daughter they called Angel Iris Murphy Brown. But they eventually parted ways because the romance did not last.

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Murphy had two marriages. Before their divorce in 2006, he had five children with Nicole Mitchell, his first wife, whom he wed in 1993. In 2008, he wed Tracey Edmonds, a film producer; however, the union was dissolved two weeks later.

Murphy has two children from two other relationships besides the ones he has with Nicole Mitchell.

His daughter Bella was born in 2019 to his fiancée Paige Butcher, while his son Eric was born in 1989 to his then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely. Hence, after learning about his love life, we can safely presume Eddie Murphy is straight. 

Final Words

Eddie Murphy has never publicly admitted himself as gay. Yes, he has done some movies where he played gay roles, but those characters never reflect his real identity.

Since he never claimed to be anything other than straight and has been only romantically linked to ladies, the media and trustable sources believe Murphy is heterosexual.

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