What’s Noel Fielding’s Sexuality? Is Noel Gay or Bi?

Noel Fielding is a funny man to all of us, but this comedic person is also a family person like most of us. He has a wife and two daughters. Still, you will hear some calling him gay. 

Noel Fielding's dating life proves that he's not gay but straight by sexuality.
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Do you also think that Noel Fielding is either gay or bi? This article will explain why some think the actor could be gay and if he is straight or bisexual. Let’s start our discovery.

Did Noel Fielding Ever Come Out? 

Noel Fielding is in our gossip for his quirky clothing and haircuts. His fashion could be more distracting. People can’t ignore him for his appearance.

This doesn’t bring praise but criticism. Noel has pretty long hair, and his overall appearance makes it seem like he is gay. 

Although he appears to be homosexual but is not, the comedian and actor didn’t declare himself as homosexual. He also saved his name from getting involved with any man. Since he neither directly nor indirectly labeled his sexuality as gay, no one has the right to think he is interested in men. 

Noel Fielding Is in Serious Love With His Partner Lliana Bird 

Noel Fielding is not gay but straight, and he proved it by loving his only girlfriend and partner Lliana Bird since 2010. They are a lovely couple and are living together. 

Before settling down with his current partner, he was romantically linked with high-profile ladies, including Alison Mosshart, Dee Plumy, and Courtney Love. So it’s understandable that he has always been into ladies. 

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His love interest in only women is enough to clear all the doubts about his sexual orientation. If there’s still any confusion, the next news will also remove that. 

Noel Fielding Is The Biological Father of Two Children

For a gay man, it’s impossible to be in love with a female, and it’s impossible to become a biological dad of two children with someone of the opposite sex. 

Noel Fielding has two lovely children of his own. He and his partner Llianan produced them. Both the children are daughters. Their first daughter is Dali Fielding-Bird, and she was welcomed by the couple in 2018. 

After two years, in 2020, Noel and Lliana welcomed their second baby and named her Iggy Fielding-Bird. They are now one of the happy celebrity couples alive. So there should be no more doubt about his sexual label. 

Final Words

Noel Fielding’s sexuality is straight. He made it clear by making his private life an open book for anybody to read. He made his relationship with his girlfriend, Lliana Bird, official in 2010. He also became the father of two cute daughters. This directed us to his actual sexuality.

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