Was Robin Williams Gay? What Was His Sexual Orientation?

What was Robin Williams' sexuality? Was he gay or straight?
Robin Williams by Alan Light licensed under CC BY 2.0

Millions of people all over the world enjoyed and laughed at Robin Williams’ stand-up comedy. But there were many rumors and chit-chat about his private life, particularly surrounding his sexuality. 

His participation in several gay films made his fans rethink his sexual label. Was Robin Williams gay? Why did he play in so many gay movies?

We’ll look into some of these rumors in this post and attempt to sort fact from fiction in order to learn more about the man who makes people laugh.

Robin Williams Played Varios LGBTQ Roles Which Fueled Gay Rumors 

Robin Williams played various parts in his acting career, including several LGBT characters. Hence, some supporters couldn’t help but doubt his sexual orientation.

Williams portrayed Armand Goldman in the 1996 movie “The Birdcage,” a gay nightclub owner who had to pass as a straight guy in order to win over the conservative parents of his son’s fiancée.

Williams’ performance received accolades for its subtlety and humor, and the movie went on to find critical and financial success.

In the 1991 movie “The Fisher King,” Williams also had a notable LGBT role. The colorful and vivid attitude of his character Parry, even though he was not openly recognized as gay, led to comparisons to LGBT clichés.

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Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in the movie, further establishing his standing as one of Hollywood’s most gifted and varied actors.

There are two other films where he appeared to be gay. One is ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ was released in 1993, and another is ‘Boulevard ‘, released in July 2015.

But his film roles didn’t reflect his actual sexuality; he was only attracted to females in real life, and we’ve understood it by looking into his love life. Let’s take a glance at it together. 

Robin Williams’ Sexuality Was Straight As He Married Three Ladies

The actor and comedian Robin Williams were married three times in his lifetime. After they first met, he married Valerie Velardi for the first time in 1976.

Zachary Pym Williams was their only kid; they were married in June 1978 and had him in 1983. Williams’ affair, however, caused pressure on their marriage, and they divorced in 1988.

Williams wed Marsha Garces, the nanny of his son Zachary, as his second marriage. Zelda Rae Williams was born in 1989, and Cody Alan Williams was born in 1991.

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They were married in April 1989 and had two kids together. Unfortunately, they also had issues in their marriage, and they divorced in 2010.

Williams married Susan Schneider, his third wife, in 2011. They stayed together till Williams passed away in 2014. Williams and Schneider didn’t have any kids.

Williams was a committed and loving father to his kids despite the ups and downs in his marriage. He frequently gushed about how much he cherished being a father and how significant his kids were to him. His marriages and kids are solid proof that Robin Williams was straight. 

Final Words

Robin Williams had three children and three marriages. He was recognized as being straight.

Williams always showed tremendous affection for his family despite personal challenges, and his children were a steady source of inspiration for his art.

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