Is Steve Lacy Gay or Bi? What Did Lacy Say About His Sexuality?

Steve Lacy is a talented personality. He first rose to fame as a guitarist but is nowadays gaining more popularity with his hip-hop solo. He is one of the young hip-hop singers who came out of the closet. 

Let's see whether Steve Lacy is gay, bisexual.
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It’s been five years since he told the world that he is interested in both men and women. But still, his newbie fans are yet to discover his sexual orientation. So are you ready to learn how the singer came out as bi and if he is dating anyone now? Keep reading to know. 

Steve Lacy is Bisexual and is Dating a White Man 

On 3rd March 2022, Steve Lacy posted a snapshot on his official Instagram. In that picture, he was seen with his boyfriend; however, the guitarist later deleted the image. Steve has been bisexual for years, and he first came out publicly in 2017. 

He came out during a Q&A session on his Tumblr account. When a fan asked him if he was straight, the guitarist said, “I’m human.”

But eventually, he admitted to having a guy as his dating partner unless the person was not a black man. This not only revealed his sexuality but also put him into controversy. 

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Why Did Lacy Steve Say He Won’t Date Black Men 

Lacy from the “Internet” band was much criticized after he shared his opinion of not dating a black man. In an interview, he once again admitted to being bisexual and said he would prefer dating a white man and not a black man. 

People thought he was a racist; however, Lacy explained things. He said he doesn’t prefer to be in a relationship with a black man because it would make him feel like he is dating his brother. Since Lacy is black, he considers other black guys his brother. 

He is currently dating an attractive white guy. After uploading a photo with him, most fans added negative comments, for which he had to remove the image soon.

According to trusted sources, he is still dating the same guy; however, there is no information about the person he is in love with. 

Final Words

Steve Lacy is openly bisexual. He is a prominent hip-hop rising star. The celebrity shared his accurate sexual label in 2017 on Tumblr.

He also has an affair with a male, but he is mysterious to everyone. Steve Lacy is keeping every detail of his boyfriend a secret. 

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