Is Joji Gay? What’s Joji’s Sexual Orientation?

Joji is famous for his music. But he is nowadays notable for his Instagram pictures. Some images show that he has feminine traits that appear on his face and attitude. 

Japanse singer Joji's sexuality and gay rumors.
Image source credit: Joji’s Instagram

This led to confusion and doubts. Is Joji gay? We know you are struggling to know the answer, as he is a private person.

But don’t worry; we are here to find the answer and inform you. Here’s what you should know about singer Joji’s sexual label. 

Is Joji Gay? Here’s What Fans and The Media Think

Fans frequently make assumptions about the private lives of celebrities, and occasionally they may do so based on actions or characteristics they think to be indicative of a specific sexual orientation.

Because of Joji’s appearance, style choices, and song lyrics, some fans have made assumptions regarding his sexual orientation.

For instance, several fans have pointed out that Joji frequently dons eyeliner and nail paint, which are typically associated with femininity and can be seen as odd for men. 

For example, we can see some of his Instagram posts where he appeared with feminine vibes. Besides, he openly supports LGBTQ, and on 20th August 2020, he wrote on Instagram, “On the last day of pride month, I want to remind everybody that fighting for our friends’ rights should be year round.


#happypride #blacktranslivesmatter

Also #justiceforbreonnataylor

We can all grow and improve ourselves together to be the allies that our friends deserve!!!” Such posts of the singer left his fans no choice but to misunderstand his sexuality. 

Also, some listeners have called attention to lyrics in Joji’s music that have been perceived as referencing same-gender encounters or relationships.

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Until now, George Kusunoki Miller hasn’t revealed his sexual label to the media or the public. But since there’s no evidence of him being gay, we need to believe he is straight because this is what the media says.

Is Joji in a Same-Gender Relationship?

It’s not surprising that there isn’t much information accessible regarding Joji’s love relationships since he’s considered a private person in his personal life. 

Instead, Joji is well-known for his music, which has a sizable and devoted following. Joji has worked with artists like Trippie Redd and Diplo, putting out several hit albums, including “Ballads 1” and “Nectar.”

Final Words

Joji loves to stay private. He doesn’t like to judge and to be judged. Hence, he doesn’t share information regarding his romances or sexuality. 

But you should know that stars who are not straight come out of the closet as they are now accepted in society. Since the artist hasn’t come out, we are bound to believe he is heterosexual.

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