Is Lucas Bravo Gay? Emily in Paris Star’s Sexuality Revealed

Lucas Bravo is in the series ‘Emily in Paris.’ He portrays Gabriel, a chef who is Emily’s neighbor and potential love interest. Gabriel is also shown to be a kind and compassionate person who is constantly ready to lend a hand to his friends and neighbors. 

Lucas Bravo's sexuality is revealed.
Image source credit: Lucas Bravo’s Instagram

He is considered Emily’s potential love interest, given their excellent on-screen chemistry. Gabriel is not without faults, though.

His desire for Emily generates friction in his delicate relationship with his girlfriend, Camille. So he is playing a straight role in it. 

So then, why are some fangirls panicking? Is Lucas Bravo gay? Let’s learn how the gay rumors spread and his real sexuality. 

Is Lucas Bravo Gay? Why Did Gay Actor Jeremy O. Kiss Him? 

Lucas Bravo’s sexuality has become a matter of discussion among his fans since the day the gay actor gave a soft kiss to Lucas’ chick. The actor immediately smiled. So what’s the chemistry between them? Are they in a relationship? Is Lucas Bravo gay? 

Chill out, girls no need to panic. Your crush Lucas Isn’t gay. He is straight. Jeremy kisses him because he also likes Bravo but doesn’t see him as a boyfriend.

They are only good friends. Lucas is friendly with all Emily in Paris cast members, including Jeremy O. Although he was Interviewed many times, he ensured to remain silent about his sexual label. 

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Lucas Bravo Doesn’t Recognize Himself as a Gay

You’ve heard it right. Lucas Bravo doesn’t think of himself as gay. If he did, he would’ve come out of the closet. He always avoids sexuality-related questions. 

Maybe Bravo knows that he has fans of every sexual orientation, and he doesn’t want anybody to stop having a crush on him. However, this is what we think.

There could be other reasons for him not sharing his sexual label. But since he doesn’t recognize himself as gay, the media consider him straight. He also keeps his love private. Hence, it’s unknown if he is dating anybody. 

It would be easier to understand his sexuality if he openly dated any actor or actress. But ‘The Honeymoon’ actor is entirely focused on his career. 

Final Words

French actor and model Lucas Bravo were born on March 1st, 1988. In the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” he played the role of Gabriel, for which he is most known. 

Bravo served as a sous chef in several Michelin-starred restaurants before beginning his acting career. He has also served as a model for some clothing companies.

A gay actor kissed him, and a rumor spread that Lucas Bravo could be gay. But folks, you know the truth now.

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