Is 4 Times Gay Role Player Ewan McGregor Gay in Real Life?

Over his career, Ewan McGregor has played LGBT characters in a number of films. In the 1996 movie “Trainspotting,” one of his most recognizable roles was that of Renton, who does a sex act with a male friend. 

Ewan McGregor's gay rumors and sexuality is revealed.
Ewan McGregor by Josh Jensen licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In addition, McGregor played a gay journalist in the 2009 movies “I Love You Phillip Morris,” “The Pillow Book,” “And Velvet Goldmine” and played Lumiere, a character who is often considered gay in the LGBTQ+ community, in the 2017 live-action “Beauty and the Beast’ ‘ remake.

Hence, any fan would doubt the actor’s sexuality. Is Ewan McGregor gay? How did he play all these gay characters? Let’s jump onto the article to find out. 

Playing Gay Roles 4 Times Fueled Ewan McGregor’s Gay Rumors

Most celebrities get involved with LGBTQ and boom! There are gay rumors. So, it’s impossible that Ewan McGregor wouldn’t be rumored as gay after playing gay characters in four different movies. 

These are the films where Ewan McGregor is gay and won many awards for playing his characters incredibly well. 

Movie NameRelease TimeDuration Ewan McGregor AsIMDB Rate
Trainspotting19961h 34mMark Renton8.1
I Love You Phillip Morris20091h 42mPhillip Morris6.6
The Pillow Book19962h 6mJerome6.5
Velvet Goldmine19982h 7mCurt Wild6.9

Although he was gay thrice in films, Ewan McGregor is straight in real life. We’ll learn the truth if we look into his private life next. 

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Ewan McGregor is Straight, and His Love Life is the Evidence

Since the middle of the 1990s, Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has been working in movies. He has been married to production designer Eve Mavrakis since 1995, and the two of them have four daughters.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2017 when McGregor was photographed kissing Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a co-star in Fargo.

Several people were shocked by the couple’s breakup because they had been together for over 20 years. On the set of the British TV show Kavanagh QC, where Mavrakis was serving as a production designer, McGregor and Mavrakis first crossed paths. 

They clicked right away, started dating, and got married in 1995. They appeared to have a happy and solid marriage over time, and McGregor frequently gushed in interviews about how much he loved Mavrakis.

However, rumors of trouble in paradise started circulating in 2017 when McGregor was spotted kissing Winstead, his co-star in Fargo.

The pictures were taken at a restaurant in London, and after they instantly went viral, there was much rumor regarding McGregor’s marriage. Following a brief separation announcement from Mavrakis, McGregor later that year requested a divorce.

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Since the divorce, McGregor has continued to date Winstead, and the couple has been spotted together numerous times. Their son, Laurie, saw the light for the first time in June 2021, and his birth led the couple to get married in April 2022. Despite the end of his marriage, 

McGregor has remained close to his four daughters and often shares photos of them on social media. So, we hope now it’s understandable that Ewan McGregor isn’t gay. His sexuality is straight, and he is a family guy. 

Final Words

Ewan McGregor has a huge fan base. His die-hard fans know he acted in many gay films. Such fans couldn’t help but get confused about his sexual label.

Is Ewan McGregor gay? Well, he isn’t gay. He does support LGBTQ, but he feels romantic only for females.

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