Is David Alan Grier Gay? Look at His Sexuality and Married Life

Every ordinary person makes mistakes in understanding a comedian’s sexuality. But keeping an eye on their life eventually opens their eyes. David Alan Grier sadly had to go through a lot to prove himself as straight. 

Is  David Alan Grier gay? Does he have any gay partner?
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Still, to this day, some know his absolute sexual orientation, and others think he is homosexual and hiding behind the closet. Here we will not only reveal David Alan Grier’s sexuality but also will explain his sexual interests during marriage and after divorce. 

David Alan Grier’s Two Divorces Put Him in Trouble and Made People Think Him, Gay 

The saddest part of a celebrity’s life is that some fans always judge them. People tend to assume their sexuality and situations in their personal lives. It’s okay by the stars till things go out of control. 

David Alan Grier, who is an American comedian, is straight. Still, his sexuality is misjudged by some of his supporters and especially his haters. 

Some think David Alan Grier is gay because he couldn’t keep his wives with him. Many people get divorced each day, but when it comes to celebrities, they are always thought to be gay. According to some silly people, both of David’s ex-wives left him because he was into men. 

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Here’s the fact, a gay man will not marry a woman in the first place while knowing he is interested in men. Grier married twice. Hence there’s no way he is homosexual. Another group of people thinks Grier has feelings for same-sex people because he lives a single life after getting divorced by his second wife, Christine Y. Kim. 

The truth is he is no longer interested in falling in love unless he finds someone willing to stay with him forever. David Alan Grier is a straight celebrity, so he married a female again after losing his first wife, Maritza Rivera. 

David Alan Grier’s Biological Daughter is Luisa Danbi Grier-Kim 

“The Patient” actor was lucky enough to have a child with his second ex-wife Christine Y. Kim. The couple got married in 2007, lasting for three years till 2010. He has a daughter with Christine, who is now a teenager. 

Grier and Kim welcomed her on 10th January 2008. A year after her birth, her mother chose to leave the “Blankman” actor. Although the duo are not friends or have good contact, David Alan Grier ensures to keeps in touch with her only daughter. 

Grier is now living in his sixties yet has to prove to some people that he is not gay. This is truly unacceptable. 

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Final Words

David Alan Grier made a place in thousands of people’s hearts through his funny talks and acts since he was young. As a comedian, people have always doubted his sexual orientation.

His married life was also not enough to shut his haters’ mouths. If his haters misguided you, we hope this article helped you learn that David Alan Grier is not homosexual.

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