Is Chris Pine Gay? His Sexuality and Dating Life Details

Chris Pine’s personal life has always made his fans curious. It’s because he is open about almost everything, including his love life. But that didn’t stop some people from asking about his sexuality. 

Chris Pine by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Is Chris Pine gay? This query doesn’t seem to vanish since Pine himself has never made any statement on it. Still, we were able to discover Chris Pine’s sexuality. Keep reading the article till the end to learn. 

Actor Chris Pine Is Not Gay

Every gay, bisexual, or queer actor, singer, or artist comes out of the closet one day. When they come out, we can only believe that particular celebrity as one of LGBT. 

But actor Chris Pine has not labeled his sexuality as homosexual or bisexual. He is yet to confirm his actual sexual orientation. The Star Trek actor doesn’t prefer talking about such a sensitive matter. 

He showed no interest in talking about the matter. Most probably, he wants to keep himself away from controversies. Since he didn’t announce himself as gay or queer, Chris Pine’s sexual label is considered straight. 

Chris Pine Has Sexual Interests Only Towards Women

Chris Pine is a straight man and made us understand this with his dating history. The handsome man is currently single but had two girlfriends in the past that he was in a long-term relationship. 

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His first open relationship was with an African model known as Dominique Piek. The couple started their affair in 2011. Everything went smoothly for two years, and in 2013 Chris broke up with her. 

Later some sources published that it was a mutual decision. Chris Pine last dated actress Annabelle Wallis. Their love life began in 2018 and ended in 2022. 

Chris Pine Talked About Anti-gay Laws in Russia

Chris Pine could not be gay because 2 years ago, in October 2020, he went to Russia and talked about anti-gay laws there. By doing such an act, he proved that he, too is anti-gay, and this is also believed by his fans. 

When this news spread, many of his supporters got disappointed with the actor, especially those who support the LGBTQ. 

Everyone has different comments about him; some say he is homosexual, and others say he is homophobic. But we understood that Chris Pine is heterosexual. 

Final Words

Chris Pine’s sexuality is heterosexual, and it’s easy to assume since the actor had affairs with female stars. 

His name was never associated with males. Besides, he is not an LGBTQ supporter; instead, he spoke about anti-gay laws in Russia, where gay people are widely unaccepted.

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Did Chris Pine date Sofia Boutella? 

Once, romance rumors spread about Chris Pine and Sofia Boutella when they were spotted spending some time together. But later, a verified source informed the media that they were and are still nothing but good friends. 

Has Chris Pine Dated Samira? 

Once Samira informed the media that Chris Pine wanted to date her and even took her number, he texted her to tell her that he and his then-girlfriend had broken up. But she couldn’t show any evidence. 

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