Is Ryan Seacrest Gay or Bi? Ryan’s Sexuality and Dating Details

Ryan Seacrest is considered a real Hollywood lady’s man. The handsome guy was noticed on the set of American Idol as he hosted the music show excellently. The way he used to hold the audience’s interest was indeed praiseworthy. 

A close look at Ryan Seacrest's sexuality and datinf life.
Ryan Seacrest by Jess Lander licensed under CC BY 2.0

He has later become the producer of ‘Keeping Up.’ Seacrest is not only serious about his passion but also about trends and fashion.

This is why he was able to date many Hollywood pretties. You may have learned much about this fascinating man’s career but not about sexuality and love life. 

Or you may have tried to dig into his romantic life but don’t know the accurate information. Don’t worry; we are here to back you up with the actual facts about Seacrest.

His followers are straightforward when asking about his sexual orientation. Hence we came up with Ryan’s complete sexuality details.

Here is Ryan Seacrest’s Sexuality: He is Neither Gay nor Bisexual

Is Ryan Seacrest gay or bisexual? No, he is none of it. So why did the gay rumors spread? It’s because when his popularity rose at the beginning of his career, the handsome hunk used to keep his private life too private. It was a challenge to find him with girls. 

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Usually, celebrities without dating the opposite sex are considered gay. For this exact reason, Ryan’s sexuality was questioned. 

Although the star still didn’t share his sexuality with the media but did help us assume he is heterosexual by going public with his girlfriend. 

Unless we dig into his romantic life, we will not be able to reveal who he is according to his sexual orientation. So, let’s dive into his relationship timeline. 

Who is Ryan Seacrest Dating? 

The talented producer had many affairs in his lifetime, but to prove Ryan Seacrest’s sexuality is straight, his current relationship is more than enough.

The lady’s name is Aubrey Paige. They are so public with their relationship that the couple enjoys trips abroad together very often. 

The duo is seen holding hands and getting romantic pictures clicked. Also, Aubrey often posts a couple of pictures with lovely captions.

Last month she and Seacrest had a candlelight dinner. Paige is in so much love with Ryan. She captioned the picture, “Every meal tastes better with you.” 

Dating a woman publicly not only presents the American Idol’s host as a straight guy but also a brave man who is not afraid to love his girl in front of the media. Hopefully, she will become Ryan Seacrest’s wife soon. 

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Final Words

Generally, people don’t get as much attention as a music show host as Ryan Seacrest. His fame brought him both praise and criticism.

However, his haters did their best to ruin Ryan’s prestige. Luckily, his relationship timeline saved him and proved to the world that man is straight.


Does Ryan Seacrest have a baby? 

The popular host of the ‘American Idol’ does not have a baby. But he used to spend time with Daisy Dove, the daughter of Katy Perry, and it’s provided him with valuable experiences. 

Is Ryan Seacrest married? 

Seacrest didn’t get married, but the producer had affairs with many high-profile ladies. She dated several ladies. Although he tried to hide his relationships, truths found their way to get revealed. 

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