Is Brian Mcknight Gay? What’s Brian’s Sexual Orientation?

Brian McKnight is mainly an American singer, but he is also a record producer, songwriter, actor, and multi-instrumentalist. He was born on 5th June 1969. 

A close look at Brian Mcknight sexuality.
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In the late 90s and early 2000s, he became famous with his albums Back at One, Brain McKnight, and Anytime. Brian was nominated for Grammy Awards 16 times. 

His many fans want to know his actual sexuality. If you, too, are interested in his personal life and want to know if Brian McKnight is gay?

What’s Brian’s Sexual Orientation? You have landed at the right place. So, let’s not waste time further and start looking at his sexuality. 

Is Brian McKnight Gay?

So what makes a person considered gay? Of course, either the guy should be in a relationship with other guys, or two guys will have intimacy with each other. You will feel glad knowing Brian was never seen having too close relationships with guys. 

Although he never talked about his sexual orientation publicly, it’s pretty simple to guess that he is a straight guy. How is that? Just by looking at his married life. Brian married twice in his life, and both his life partners are female. He even produced two children with Julie McKnight. 

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Brian McKnight Marriage Life

In 1990 Brian got married for the first time to Julie McKnight. Their marriage life went smoothly enough for 13 years. But sadly, they separated in 2003.

Then this R&B singer married Leilani Mendoza at the age of 48 in May 2017. Before the couple got engaged, they had a long relationship since 2014. However, they have officially done the wedding ceremony on 31st December. 

Right now, he is living with Leilani and is taking care of her one son and a daughter. Unfortunately, he abandoned his two biological sons. 

Why Do People Think He Is Gay? 

Well, not everyone thinks Brian McKnight’s sexual orientation is gay. There are a few people who like to assume things about celebrities.

They spread rumors and wrong information about stars’ sexuality and other personal life matters. Since Brian McKnight is a big name, some people might have unrolled gossip about his sexual orientation. 


Brian McKnight is not gay. While many celebrities have friendships with homosexual persons, Brian even doesn’t have such a buddy.

He does not even show much interest in the gay community. He lives with a family containing his wife and two children (not biological) like every other normal guy.

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