Is August Alsina Gay or Bi? Does He Have a Boyfriend?

August Alsina has been facing rumors for years. There are stories about his relationships and sexuality. He is sadly picky when it comes to addressing rumors. 

August Alsina's sexuality is explained.
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When he addressed the rumors about his and Jada’s past affair, the singer didn’t hide a thing and admitted that the duo was a couple back in 2015. But he remained silent on his sexual label. 

So, is he straight or gay? Let’s take a look at what August Alsina’s love life shows us to teach us about his actual sexual orientation. 

August Alsina Never Recognises Himself as Gay

He has not directly addressed rumors concerning August Alsina’s sexual orientation. He has, however, been outspoken about his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community and his opposition to homophobia in the music business.

Alsina stated in a 2017 interview with The Breakfast Club, “I’m an advocate for anybody being whoever they are in this life. That’s not my business, who people love.”

So, he mentioned that he had close friends and relatives that are LGBTQ+ allies. Even though Alsina hasn’t publicly addressed any suspicions about his sexual orientation, he has stated his support for and respect for all people, regardless of their label. However, August Alsina’s relationships, especially with Jada Pinkett Smith, are enough to prove he is straight.

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The Controversial Relationship of August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith

The connection between August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith has long been a source of discussion in the media and among fans.

When Alsina started in the music industry, the two first met, and Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, took Alsina under their wings. Alsina and the couple grew close, and they helped him go through some difficult moments, including losing his brother and a health issue.

Although Pinkett Smith and Will Smith were no longer together, Alsina admitted to having a romantic involvement with her in a 2019 interview with radio personality Angela Yee. The announcement stunned several admirers, which also fueled rumors regarding Pinkett Smith’s marital status.

During their talk show “Red Table Talk,” Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have since addressed the issue. Pinkett Smith acknowledged having an “entanglement” with Alsina during a rough moment in her marriage.

The pair has been upfront and honest about their journey and dedication to working through their challenges, even though the announcement sparked some controversy and rumors.

Therefore, even though August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith’s romance may have generated some controversy and rumors, it also demonstrated the need for openness and communication in relationships.

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August Alsina Even Made a Song on His Affair with Jada Pinkett

2020 saw the debut of “Entanglements,” a song by American vocalist August Alsina. The song’s controversial title, which refers to Jada Pinkett Smith’s use of the phrase to characterize her relationship with Alsina, attracted much attention. 

The song’s lyrics explore the depths and difficulties of romantic relationships, especially those that involve emotional entanglements and betrayal. 

He sang, “You left your man just to f*ck with me and break his heart.”

Alsina’s expressive vocals and the slow R&B melody contribute to the song’s reflective and personal mood. Notwithstanding the controversy surrounding the song’s topic, “Entanglements” is a highlight in Alsina’s career and shows off his talent as a singer and songwriter.

Final Words

August Alsina isn’t gay. He is straight, loves women, and tries to stay loyal in relationships. His affair with Jada Pinkett is one of the most discussed relationships. 

He was a mental strength to Jada when Will Smith and she had a breakdown in their married life. When August learned that Jada and Will still love one another, he left Pinkett for her good; however, that broke him in pieces.

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